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Uninterrupted Wine Logistics: Navigating From Harvest to Final Delivery


G3 Enterprises, a complete supply-chain solutions company, has specialized in transportation services to facilitate comprehensive wine industry operations throughout California and beyond for more than 40 years.

G3 has the unique ability to offer the alcohol beverage industry a wide range of logistics services, including the timely delivery of raw materials for production, transporting bulk liquids to a bottling facility or winery, and efficiently delivering finished goods to a distribution or storage center.

“We can solve all of our customer’s logistics and transportation needs,” says Deverie Kennedy, G3’s Director of California Logistics. “Our focus is to figure out what G3 can do to help wineries from start to finish with the utmost ease.”

At the start, G3’s experienced Ag transportation team has the expertise to handle grapes effectively by leveraging a vast carrier network that specializes in the transportation of raw fruit and juice, both within California and interstate. This capability enables wineries to efficiently source grapes from any location and promptly transport them to their processing facilities, even during the peak harvest season.

For wine barrel aging, G3 prides itself on ensuring that the containers are transported with utmost care and precision to protect the juice with a safe and secure journey during its critical fermentation and maturation stages.

G3 Enterprises also specializes in bulk wine transportation, using dedicated tankers designed to preserve quality and freshness with a capacity of up to 6500 gallons per unit, as well as, small and compartmental tankers for every winery need.

Finally, G3 guarantees safe and secure shipments from wineries, distributors, wine suppliers, bottling facilities, or warehouses through its large fleet of dry van, reefer van, and curtain van trailers.

“We possess a growing level of shipment visibility and reliability,” Kennedy points out. “For our customers, it’s of utmost importance to track the truck’s location and have the assurance that it will arrive with the necessary components for bottling – all punctually. As an experienced logistics solution provider, our teams are capable of assisting wineries in optimizing their transportation routes, leading to cost savings.”

Due to significant investments in technology and a diverse fleet of equipment, G3 has the capability to adjust to specific winery industry requirements, regardless of whether they are large-scale operations or premium lots.

“We have a breadth of knowledge, passion for and a commitment to the wine industry,” Kennedy affirms. “We are here to offer wineries an all-inclusive logistics solution and support wherever we can.”

For more information and orders, go to www.g3enterprises.com.

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