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Linne Calodo Winery Takes Aim at Tasting Fees: “Inflation Isn’t Rad”


Iconic Paso Robles Producer Makes Changes to Promote Access and Hospitality

August 23rd – Paso Robles, CA—Starting today, Linne Calodo winery has reset its tasting fees in an effort to promote access to its wines and experiences. Owner-Winemaker Matt Trevisan issued the following statement:

“Tear down the wall, tear down the wall!” -Pink Floyd 

I believe that everyone should have access to great wines when visiting Paso Robles and that you should be able to easily experience the hospitality that built our wine scene.  

Back when I started making wine, tastings were free or five dollars. A lot has changed over the 31 years since I first set foot in a vineyard. In that time, we have grown from 26 wineries to more than 350 in Paso Robles. We are at a fork in the road and I think that the tasting fees have gotten out of hand. I have been partly responsible for this phenomenon. I sensed that our own $40 tasting fee at Linne Calodo was starting to create a barrier at a time when people are feeling the squeeze of inflation.

No more. Our new regular tasting fee is $20.

If you’ve made the trip and are looking for a great experience, then you are in the right place. Our hospitality is about connecting with people. It’s about creating relationships with new friends and seasoned wine lovers alike. It’s about teaching you the history of our area, the story of Linne Calodo and the “Nature Positive” techniques that we use in both our farming and winemaking. We look forward to greeting you with open arms and a glass of wine.

Trevisan helped spark the Rhône-variety blend movement in Paso Robles when he and his wife Maureen started Linne Calodo in 1998. Trevisan is also a longtime champion of Zinfandel blends that reflect the heritage of the region. Over the past 25 years, Linne Calodo has created some of the region’s most enduring and notable wines, including Rising Tides (Grenache, Syrah; $95), Overthinker (Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre; $98) and Cherry Red (Zinfandel, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Tempranillo; $95).

Linne Calodo’s Estate Flight and Classic Estate tastings (now $20) include a tasting of five estate-grown blends in the company of a dedicated wine educator. Reservations are recommended for a more personalized experience. Linne Calodo also offers an Extended Experience tasting ($90) that includes a guided winery or vineyard tour with a senior wine educator; a cheese and charcuterie plate; and a flight of six wines, including one library wine. 

The Linne Calodo tasting room is located at the corner of Highway 46 West and Vineyard Drive, situated adjacent to the working winery and estate vineyard in the Willow Creek District. The property is set amid a secluded Live Oak woodland with indoor and outdoor seating.

Linne Calodo

Established in 1998 by Matt and Maureen Trevisan, Linne Calodo is a pioneering icon of Rhône-variety blends and Zinfandel-based wines from Paso Robles. The winery is named after the calcareous Linne Calodo soils found at the estate vineyard in the westside Willow Creek District. Winemaker Matt Trevisan subscribes to a “nature-positive” farming ethos that emphasizes biodiversity, native lifeforms and species coexistence for the sake of creating responsibly grown, vineyard-centric wines. Visit the secluded Linne Calodo tasting room at the corner of Highway 46 West and Vineyard Drive, situated adjacent to the working winery and estate vineyard. See LinneCalodo.com.



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