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C. Mondavi & Family Announces Strategic Partnership with Valdo Spumanti, the #1 Prosecco in Italy


November 15, 2022, St. Helena, Calif.—  C. Mondavi & Family (CMF), one of the world’s most iconic wine family’s, announces today a strategic partnership with the renowned Prosecco brand, Valdo. The strategic partnership will engage new and current consumers with C. Mondavi & Family as both the national importer, sales and marketing arm for the Americas. The campaign will expand the entire CMF footprint for long-term growth, while leveraging Valdo’s storied history and leading sparkling wine expertise, with a new focus to brand awareness and distribution in the US market. 

David S. Brown, President & CEO of C. Mondavi & Family notes, “We’re excited for this partnership to progress as we continue diversifying and growing the C. Mondavi & Family portfolio focused on premium consumer segments. Two historic Italian families coming together to create the next generation partnership”.

C. Mondavi & Family and Valdo will continue developing this dynamic partnership through three strategic phases, with the first phase beginning on January 1, 2023. Phase two, “The Best of Italy” will kickstart a new joint venture company and brands, and phase three will solidify an additional joint venture based in Carneros, Napa Valley. 

“As my grandparents immigrated from Italy to California and ultimately acquired the iconic Charles Krug property almost 80 years ago, I am proud to honor my family’s roots with the Valdo collaboration,” says C. Mondavi & Family 3rd generation co-proprietor Peter Mondavi Jr. “The partnership with the Bolla family opens up the door for the next generation that sets up the future of our collective family-owned businesses,” says C. Mondavi & Family 3rd generation co-proprietor Marc Mondavi.

Valdo is one of the most historic and leading Prosecco producers, starting as the Societa Anonima Vini Superiori in 1926 and later purchased by the Bolla Family in 1938. Since its inception, the family-owned brand carries a story of history, culture, and an ongoing quest for quality to propel Prosecco to greater levels of excellence. Valdo focuses on producing unique and unrivaled products with refined aroma and a balance of technology, passion, innovation, and tradition.

Pierluigi Bolla, the Valdo Chairman, has been focusing on expanding sales both in Italy and abroad, setting new commercial and production targets and crafting new organizations to increase awareness of the Valdobbiadene wine region throughout the world. “We, as the Bolla family, are thrilled to announce our partnership with C. Mondavi & Family where we will work to expand and amplify the Valdo name and distribution throughout the United States.”

About C. Mondavi & Family

C. Mondavi & Family is a St. Helena-based wine company founded in 1943 by Cesare and Rosa Mondavi. Owned and operated by 3rd generation co-proprietors, Marc Mondavi and Peter Mondavi Jr., along with their children, the C. Mondavi & Family portfolio includes Charles Krug Winery, CK Mondavi and Family, Flat Top Hills, French Blue, and West + Wilder. With the third, fourth, and fifth generations at the helm, the family continues the legacy that started almost 80 years ago and holds over 1,500 acres of Napa Valley and California vineyards. For more information visit www.cmondavifamily.com.

About Valdo

Founded in 1926 and owned by the Bolla family since 1938, Valdo has deep ties with the Valdobbiadene Prosecco territory in the upper Veneto region, starting from its name. Since its inception, Valdo has given precedence to a culture of excellence, taste, and know-how, earned by hard work and tireless passion. Present on the US market since 2008, the brand provides a range of labels for different consumption occasions, from Prosecco DOC and Prosecco DOCG, special cuvées of Valdobbiadene DOCG and varietals sparkling wines. www.valdo.com 



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