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RedChirp Announces Powerful Email Platform Partnerships for Release, September 27th, 2022 


September 27th – RedChirp continues to expand its proprietary business texting platform, bringing the power of email and SMS  marketing together, with new Commerce7, Mailchimp, and Klaviyo email platform integrations.  

“In just over one year, RedChirp has gone from serving one to more than 100 wineries because we’ve been  relentlessly listening to their specific challenges and rapidly developing solutions,” says Jennie Gilbert, Co Founder of RedChirp. “Almost every DTC team reports the same frustrations; it’s getting harder to cut through  the noise with email alone.” 

To break through and get noticed, marketers need multi-channel delivery. Email and texting are more  powerful together. To get customers to act, your communications need segmentation and personalization. Sending everyone the same thing at the same time won’t cut it. And to get all this done so you can realize the  benefits, DTC teams need automation. It’s just too hard to do it all by hand.  

RedChirp can meet all these needs and automates cross integration between these email platforms, wine  industry’s POS systems, and RedChirp so you don’t have to keep perfect data in any one of them; RedChirp can  connect all the dots for you. For example, RedChirp will recognize the email address in Mailchimp, then cross reference that email address against the POS you’ve integrated with RedChirp to identify all the phone  numbers for that customer. Then RedChirp runs those phone numbers through our carrier integrations for  validation, so you can automatically text the correct in-service mobile numbers and ignore landlines. RedChirp  integrates with Commerce7, eCELLAR, vinSUITE, and WineDirect.

Aligning your email and SMS strategies can dramatically increase the effectiveness of transactional and  promotional communications. RedChirp’s new integrations can power any combination of experiences,  including examples like: 

  • Confirming purchases, and then shipments, by text to provide immediate peace of mind, increase purchase satisfaction, and reduce failed delivery attempts.  
  • Following allocation and club customization emails with last chance-to-customize text messages to reach stragglers, avoid returns, and maximize add-ons.  
  • Texting extra incentives to the customers most engaged with your promotional emails to stay top of mind and increase conversion.  
  • Automatically texting the customers you can’t reach otherwise when your emails bounce to reconnect with and maximize return from more of your hard-won marketing list. 

Marketing automation is notorious for sounding great in theory but being difficult to enact in practice. But RedChirp is different. Users can add any combination of ready-to-go automated messages with just a few clicks and start sending immediately, as well as create totally customized flows if, and when, you need them.  

“We were spinning our wheels trying to get email and SMS automated flows going with Klaviyo alone when  the RedChirp team offered to help,” says Laura van der Kamp, Digital Marketing Manager at Round Pond  Estate. “In just a few days, they built exactly what we needed to integrate the two and automate texts from  RedChirp based on our emails and webhooks in Klaviyo. Amazing!” 

“We heard RedChirp was thinking of adding a Mailchimp integration at their Users Meeting and were so  excited,” says Libby Cunningham, Wine Club Manager at Bricoleur Vineyards. “Now it’s here already! Just  when we think RedChirp can’t get any better, they add even more amazing features.” 

“We moved over to RedChirp when they acquired Vimbibe,” says Matthew Shore, owner of Just The Tipsy.  “They had many automations you could tie to Commerce7 emails already, but we were missing one that  would really help our communication flow. They were so receptive to our idea and made it happen right  away.” 

About RedChirp  

RedChirp specializes in helping highly regulated businesses realize the power of text messaging. RedChirp’s  webchat feature lets customers initiate inbound text conversations, and routes them to the right team  members without anyone having to actively monitor it. As it becomes more challenging to get emails opened  and phone calls answered, RedChirp cuts through the noise with one-on-one conversations, bulk informational 

and marketing texts, and completely automated text confirmations, reminders, and notifications. RedChirp’s  many industry-specific integrations eliminate silos and make automations more powerful. And while other  generic business texting platforms prohibit and restrict highly regulated content, RedChirp embraces and  automates industry-specific compliance needs. Learn more at https://redchirp.com/.

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