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Afternoon Brief, August 25th

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Wine Tasting in Sonoma Costs 44% More Than Before Pandemic, New Data Shows
Sonoma County wine tasting fees have risen 44% since the start of the pandemic, according to a new report. The largest price jump has occurred in Healdsburg: a 74% increase, with a new average fee of $33…
M. A. Silva USA
The Future of Napa Valley Wine—and How It’s Evolving Following Years of Devastating Wildfires
Here’s what top Napa Valley winemakers are doing to ensure the region’s longevity and legacy…
Out of the Frying Pan but Not Out of the Woods? Smoke Taint, Biodiversity Loss and the Fires of Bordeaux
Almost six weeks after smoke taint went from being a largely hypothetical risk to a real, present and immediate threat in the vineyards of Bordeaux, it is time to take stock of what we have learned about the nature of that risk over this brutal and exhausting summer…
Wine Enthusiast Companies Launches New ‘Future 40’ Feature
Wine Enthusiast Companies, composed of Wine Enthusiast Media and Wine Enthusiast Commerce, announced today the launch of Wine Enthusiast magazine’s Future 40 list, which recognizes tastemakers who inspire innovation and are bringing the drinks business into the future…
Inglenook Unveils Spectacular 22,000 Square-Foot Winery Cave, Featuring 120 Remotely Controlled Fermentation Tanks That Are Aligned with Each Organically Farmed Vineyard Block
It’s Impossible to Tell How California’s Wine Harvest Is Going
An Expanding Group of Growers and Winemakers Is Becoming Interested in Protecting Old Vines
Napa Valley Grapegrowers to Receive Climate Change Funding
Researchers at ‘War’ with Powdery Mildew
A West Texas Winery—Once the Largest in the State—Has Closed Up Shop
The 6th Annual USA Trade Tasting Is Here!
Spotted Lanternflies Found in Ohio Put Lake Erie Wine Producers on High Alert
Despite Challenges, ‘Nice Vintage’ Expected from Texas Vineyards
Sources of Innovation in Dynamic No-Alcohol Markets
Rhône Valley Vineyards Announce Early Yet Promising Harvest
Château Vous: Make Your Own Garage Wine This Autumn
VML: Wine, Magic and Joy – Tasting with Winemaker Ross Reedy
Dan Berger: Avoiding Typecasting
Insights from Overseas: Five DtC Trends from Europe
Wine Book Review/North Adriatic: Three Countries, One Terroir
Enartis USA
DTC Manager for Moshin Vineyards
Moshin Vineyards – Healdsburg, CA, USA
Mobile Wine Bottling Technician
The Bottle Meister – Paso Robles, CA, USA
Winery National Accounts Manager Off Premise
Easley Winery/Reggae Wines – Indianapolis, IN, USA
More Wine Industry Jobs
Laurent Gruet Releases His First Sparkling Wines with Vara Winery & Distillery
Turning Tables: Marc Forgione’s One Fifth Opens in Historic New York Location
Newton Vineyard Head of Viticulture Laura Deyermond Selected for Wine Enthusiast Future 40
2022 Golden Vines Diversity Awards Applicants – North America
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
Gusmer Enterprises
What Do You Know About Vortexes and Egg Tanks?
Boisé® Improves Energy Efficiency by 10%
TTB Update: More Winemaking Solutions Available
House of Smith Joins 365WineTrade Technology Talks for Episode #6
More Supplier News
Waterloo Container
Heaven Boutique Winery in Fayette Produces About 3,000 Bottles per Year
Fresh Vine Wine Premium Tasting, Lower Sugar Wines Now Available in Hawaii
Baga for Beginners
Uckfield Vineyard Puts Sussex Wine on the Map
Blend the Best at Spier’s New Riverhouse


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