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Meet Heidi Bridenhagen, Head Winemaker for Dough Wines


July 26th – With a degree in biochemistry and more than 300 90-point+ wine scores under her belt, Heidi does a great job of walking the fine line between science and art as Head Winemaker for Dough Wines.

Heidi crafted Dough Wines in concert with a diverse group of James Beard Foundation leaders and chefs to blend the most food-friendly wines possible. It is this sense of community and food-friendliness that continually inspires Heidi to handcraft wines with a lasting impact.  

In 2011, Heidi joined Distinguished Vineyards and Wine Partners (DVWP), a collective of wineries including Dough Wines. Years later, in 2019, Heidi worked alongside an esteemed panel of James Beard Foundation-honored chefs and sommeliers to craft the style of Dough Wines.  

Dough Wines is created by Distinguished Vineyards & Wine Partners (DVWP) and marks the first-ever winery partnership for the James Beard Foundation. Launched in October 2020, Dough Wines’ mission is to “rise to the occasion” by creating positive systemic change for diversity and equality in the culinary arts and beverage spaces and food sustainability. As a concept, Dough Wines was created to be a bridge between the culinary arts and beverage industries, recognizing that simple, high-quality ingredients and a catalyst can create something greater. DRINK WITH A PURPOSE.



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