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Staying on Top of Logistics Changes and Demands in the Wine Industry


The ability to stay on top of current changes and identify challenges facing the wine community early is critical for any business success. We, G3 Enterprises, partner with wineries, growers, suppliers and distributors and move quickly to implement solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

A recent example is the decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to not hear the California Trucking Association’s challenge to AB 5. While the Court’s decision may come as a surprise by many, G3 had been proactively planning and preparing our operation readiness to undertake this ruling. As a result, we are already moving forward with our mitigation plan to ensure no customers will be impacted by any gap in service.

This is also why G3 Enterprises continues to look out for ways to best serve customers and expand our services and offerings throughout the North and Central Coast regions giving our customers the experience, expertise and capabilities they want, when and wherever they need it. All our customers have easy access to G3’s many other offerings and services which can be tailored to best meet their needs regardless of if they are producing a few tons of grapes or several hundred for the top wineries.

Central Coast truck

We’ve expanded our equipment fleet on the North Coast by adding more than 75 trailers including dry vans, tankers and flatbeds. With the carrier network and increasing fleet capacity, G3 is now able to haul empty glass, cork, capsules, cased goods, oak barrels, barrel alternatives, labels, packaging material, grapes, winery equipment and supplies throughout the North Coast and Central Coast regions to keep our customers wineries operating smoothly all year long. This expansion is in addition to the grape hauling, bulk wine tanker and finished products that we have been transporting for many years.

And while Direct to Consumer shipping of wine has been one of the most dramatic growth areas, there is record demand and limited availability of warehousing space. G3 is well-positioned to help our customers with a portfolio that includes 2.2 million square feet. These new warehouses include 3PL services including warehousing, handling, repacking, beverage and food storage, distribution, import/export compliance, inventory management and value-added services. With our extensive experience with third- and fourth-party logistics, we have a deep understanding of the specific 3PL needs and requirements of the wine industry.

G3’s capabilities also include a rail-served warehouse network and the largest fleet of private insulated boxcars in North America.  Our Network Optimization team will partner with you to optimize your route to market to support your domestic distribution requirements. This is a popular cost-saving service as many wineries are looking to move current inventory to be ready for the 2022 vintage.

We are your local neighbor focused on the challenges and needs you face every day. We know your business and we are driven to find the solutions you need so you can focus on making great wines.

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