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Afternoon Brief, March 15th

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Grape Growers and Winemakers Try to Decide Who Bears the Cost of Smoke Damage
Since the West Coast of the U.S. has experienced numerous wildfire events in recent years, growers and wineries are trying to answer a critical question: Who should bear the financial cost of smoke impacted grapes?…
M. A. Silva USA
Hudson Valley Wine Project Aims to Help Whole US Wine Industry
One thing that almost everyone seems to agree will be instrumental for a healthier future for wine is an expansion of the varieties of grapes so many are used to cultivating and drinking. | WIA Featured Article by Kathleen Willcox
Red wine
Sonoma Growers Face a Changeable Future
Grapegrowers in the Russian River Valley learned last week that they are likely to have their water rights curtailed by the state as soon as next month…
How Oregon Wine Can Survive Climate Change
Pinot noir makes up 70% of the vineyards in the valley and adaptations could help growers continue to grow it, but not everywhere and not forever…
The Making of 100-Point Wines: Syrah Ascends in the Sierra Foothills
Washington Wine Launches Farmer Ambassador Program to Amplify Voices of Winegrowing Community
Animals Fight Wildfires and Insurance Companies at Antiquum Farm Winery
Announcing the First-Ever Willamette Valley Collectors’ Auction
The Vail Wine Classic Returns August 11-13
Mechanization in the Vineyard Looks Ripe for Growth
Women of the Vine & Spirits Launches University & College Membership with Florida International University (FIU)
Travel + Leisure Launches New Wine Experience
Private Collection Worth €1.5 Million for Auction on Idealwine.com
Successful Return for Loire Organic Wine Fairs
New Zealand Working Visas Come Too Late for This Year’s Harvest
Inspiring Women in Wine to Know Now
The Wine in the Cellar Is for More Than Drinking
5 Insights from Drizly’s February 2022 Sales
Ask a Wine Pro: How Warm Can Wine Get Before It’s Ruined?
Concrete Evidence
Enartis USA
Wine Retail Sales
Artisan Wine & Spirits – Mountain View, CA, USA
Sales and Product Manager
Recruiting Associates Network – California, USA
Technical Sales Representative
Gusmer Enterprises Inc. – California, USA
More Wine Industry Jobs
World Bulk Wine Exhibition
Embracing Technology in the Alco-Bev Industry with Southern Glazer’s, Nathan Mansperger
Meet the Women Spearheading the Effort to Restore the Court of Master Sommeliers’ Reputation
Interview with Vice Wines Vineyard Founder Malek Amrani
10 Questions: Wine Industry Veteran Remains Passionate About Wine, Food, Arts
FIVS Announces Charles Jefferson and Ignacio Sánchez Recarte as New Interim Co-Presidents
Gusmer Enterprises
How Satellite Imagery Is Helping to Transform Soil Carbon Monitoring for Growers
Duarte Nursery’s 24th Annual Friends Day
Ciatti Global Market Report, March 2022
SolarCraft Completes Third Solar Power Install at Sonoma Academy
More Supplier News
Wine Industry Advisor
Fresh Vine Wine Introduces New Vintage of Its Highly Popular “Better For You” Rosé Wine
SIMI Winery, Reese’s Book Club Launch New Rosé That Supports Literacy Advancement
Serial Wines Tasting Lounge Opens in Downtown Paso Robles
The #1 Premium Canned Wine Now Available in Bottle
Philly Wine Bar Set to Reopen Its Outdoor Garden
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