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Afternoon Brief, February 22nd

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Global Reach of Premiere Napa Valley Wine Auction Grows in 2022
Napa Valley’s best week in the wine business kicks off today with participation from around the globe. Nearly 300 trade accounts from 34 states and 14 countries will take part in the Premiere Napa Valley wine auction…
M. A. Silva USA
US Treasury Alcohol Reform Report—Wine Industry Implications
Expect to see the federal government try to make significant changes in the way wine is marketed and distributed in the wake of last week’s Treasury Department report on concentration in the beer, wine, and, spirits businesses…
Red wine
Research the Key to Wine’s Climate Battle
By 2030 on the current trajectory, the world will be 1.5 degrees Celsius warmer then it was pre-industrial with a rise of 2 degrees looking increasingly likely…
Green Wine Future: The Most Ambitious Environmental Conference Ever Organised for the Wine Community
Sixteen years after Pancho Campo first rallied the wine world to combat the causes and effects of global warming, Green Wine Future promises to be the most ambitious event to date…
Voluptuary & Lucid Wine Set to Open R Street Tasting Room in Downtown, Sacramento
Can Fine Wine Come in a Box? This Vineyard Is Betting on It
The Work of Nine Industry Denizens Honored at the 2022 Oregon Wine Symposium
Laurie Jervis: Garagiste Festival’s 8th Annual ‘Southern Exposure’ Returns to Solvang
Emerging Winemakers Competition & Symposium Returns in Hybrid Form-In Person and Online-on April 23
Maryland Wineries Association to Kick Off Maryland Wine Month on March 1
Idaho Lawmakers Consider Allowing 17-Year-Olds to Serve Alcohol
Les Dames d’Escoffier New York Presents Its Third Annual Next Big Sip Featuring Wine and Spirits Experts Entitled the Silver Lining, Revelations in the Beverage World
Republic National Distributing Company Invests in New Illinois Facility
Some Relief in New Zealand as Harvest Looks to Return to Normal Size
With Millennia of History, Turkish Wine Continues to Evolve
A Longer-Term Perspective on California Grape Prices
Build Wine Back Better: “Got Wine?” Meets “License to Steal”
Top Takeaways from 2022 US Wine Industry Reports
Wine’s Biggest Unanswered, Market-Killing Question: Why?
Interest in Exclusive-Label Wines Drives Competition in the Portuguese Wine Market
Enartis USA
Vineyard Manager
Robert Young Vineyards – Sonoma County, CA, USA
Equipment Mechanic/Technician
Della Toffola USA Ltd – Santa Rosa, CA, USA
Permaculturist/ Groundskeeper
Antica Terra – Dundee, OR, USA
More Wine Industry Jobs
New Vineyard Will Be Known as ‘G3’
Q&A with Elizabeth Bourcier, Resident Vigneronne at Bionic Wines
Zidanelia Arcidiacono of Sonoma-Cutrer Wants the Human Factor to Be Part of Her Company’s Model for Sustainability
C. Mondavi & Family Announces Promotion of Pam Novak to Senior Marketing Director
MEP Herbert Dorfmann Claims “It Is Not Up to Politicians to Ban Wine”
Wine Industry Advisor
2022 Executive Guide to Text Marketing for Wineries
Trends in Wine: Non-Saccharomyces Yeasts for BioProtection & Sensory Impact
9 Questions to Know if You’re Able to Price Your Wine Correctly
Design Your Dream Warehouse in 2022
More Supplier News
Vinventions USA
Kerrville Hills Winery Opens Second Tasting Room, The Hill at Hye
Great News from USA: Pizzolato Italian Prosecco DOC Rosé Brut Is Available in WINC.com E-Commerce!
Pennsylvania’s Only Black-Owned Winery Working to Unite the World One Glass at a Time
Vine to Wine with Cuvaison—Buds, Stems & Sips
Frank Family Vineyards Named “Best Tasting Room” and “Best Local Winemaker” in Napa Valley
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