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The Smart, Easy to Use Field Monitoring System


For grape growers, it is vital to choose the perfect data collection solution for your fields. You need flexibility in sensor choice, ease of installation and use, reliable communication, trusted accuracy, 24/7 accessibility — and the solution must be cost effective.

Davis Instruments’ EnviroMonitor, trusted by growers around the world, is all that and more. EnviroMonitor is an award-winning sensor platform that helps growers measure, monitor, and manage crops at every stage of the growth cycle. We know you make decisions every day; our goal is to give you the information you need to drive those decisions.

Grape growers are business-savvy types with juice-stained fingers, who depend on experience, planning, and a constant stream of data to minimize the inherent risks that come with changing environmental conditions. Your mind is bifocal: you must make decisions for both the long term and short-term results.

You control what you can. You choose the macro-climate for your grapes, where sunlight, soil condition, frost risk, drainage, humidity, wind, and temperature are favorable. You choose the right grapes and a team of pros. Then you plant. But once your vines are in the ground, the wild card of micro-climate requires accurate, real-time, hyper-local weather and environmental data. Now, daily decisions will drive your success.

Real-time data to drive daily decisions.

With EnviroMonitor in your field and Mobilize on your phone, you will receive the real-time data you need to respond to changing conditions and make timely decisions.

The Davis Mobilize App and WeatherLink.com connect you to your data from your Davis and third-party sensors with an intuitive interface to easily:

  • Forecast frost
  • Track chill hours
  • Track growing degree days
  • Measure soil moisture and irrigate effectively
  • Monitor flow meters
  • Understand pest risks

Build your system for your farm’s needs.

It all starts with weather. Connect a Davis weather station to the Gateway to get all the benefits of complete weather monitoring. These rugged, low-maintenance sensor suites measure:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind Speed & Direction
  • Rainfall & Rain Rate
  • Solar Radiation
  • Barometric pressure (Gateway)

Extend your system with additional EnviroMonitor Nodes:

  • Each Node can have up to 4 sensors
  • Nodes send data to the Gateway and to each other, creating a self-optimizing mesh network
  • Nodes support a large and growing list of sensors from Davis Instruments and other trusted third-party manufacturers including soil moisture, leaf wetness, flow meters, and many more.

Access your data 24/7.

Your phone and the Davis Mobilize and WeatherLink apps provide an intuitive interface to keep you and your team in the know.

Create the right system for your farm.

We’ve made it easy with our Agricultural Solution buying guide. It walks you through everything you need to know about EnviroMonitor so you can feel confident about installing a system in your vineyard. Download the buyer guide now.

We’ve earned our excellent global reputation.

Davis Instruments is recognized throughout the world for manufacturing the durable and affordable line of Vantage Pro2® weather stations, AirLink professional air quality monitor, and award-winning EnviroMonitor® farm sensor platform.

Download FREE Buying Guide

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