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Global Leader in Separation Technologies


Visit our booth to discover leading membrane filtration technology and meet the KSS team! As a global leader in separation technologies, we offer a variety of solutions for your entire winemaking operation – from water and wastewater treatment to wine clarification and lees filtration. Our expandable crossflow Wine-COR™ systems use state-of-the-art hollow fiber microfiltration membranes designed specifically for wine processing. These systems minimize wine losses while maintaining color, taste, aroma, and alcohol content of your unique wine product, and come available in several standard, scalable sizes to accommodate small, medium, or large wineries alike. To maximize product yield, we provide winemakers with the tubular Lees-COR™ system, a dedicated lees filtration system, to squeeze every last drop of wine from production. The Lees-COR system eliminates the need for diatomaceous earth and increases wine yield by up to 5%, mixing recovered wine back with the original batch for bottling. KSS promotes sustainability at every turn by offering efficient, high-quality membrane filtration for process water treatment, high-purity RO water, and wastewater treatment suitable for discharge or even reuse in the operation.

Koch Separation Solutions
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Koch Separation Solutions (KSS) is a global leader in separation technologies with decades of experience serving wineries around the world. We offer a suite of integrated solutions including membrane filtration, ion exchange, and thermal separation technologies to help meet our customers’ needs. Our team is dedicated to lowering operating costs, promoting sustainability, improving process efficiency, and optimizing product quality for our customers. KSS takes a collaborative approach to overcoming difficult separation challenges, combining our expertise and resources with our customers’ process knowledge. We are committed to providing Separation Technologies for a Better Future™.

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