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Wineries and Automated / Robotic Packaging Solutions – the Perfect Pairing


Packaging automation increases production and improves line efficiency. Almost two-thirds of consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies have automated their packaging and processing lines, but wineries have been slower to adopt these technologies. Many winery owners know they will benefit from automation and robotics. However, making progress on implementing automation can be difficult – and the pandemic only exacerbated the struggle.

  • Wineries worry that they don’t have the internal knowledge, skill or expertise to identify the best solution for their needs.
  • Will their labor force adapt well to the change?
  • Will the return justify the investment?

Beth Zarnick-Duffy understands these concerns after almost 30 years at EMS USA, the leader in the product handling, palletizing equipment and automated warehousing sectors.  As the Executive Sales Director, she focuses on packaging operations at wineries and food & beverage companies, as well as the can and glass container manufacturers that supply these industries.


“I work with companies to improve their line efficiency, reduce their labor costs and automate their plant or improve their existing automation processes,” she says. “I do this with the confidence of knowing that EMS Group produces the leading capital equipment that utilizes the latest technology. My goal is to help these companies find the best product handling solution at a competitive price.”

As a result of the 2019 merger of Emmeti, Mectra, Sipac, Logik and Zecchetti, EMS Group, is now the premier single-source OEM for product handing solutions. The merger expanded the scope of EMS’ expertise and increased their flexibility when designing, engineering, and installing bottling line solutions. Whether it’s a single piece of equipment, a full line, or implementing an automated warehousing system, EMS USA is your go-to resource for improving efficiencies and boosting your bottom line. 

EMS USA works with you to engineer and design the right solution for your business – all at no cost to you! Whether it’s bulk or case depalletizers, carton erectors, partition inserters, case packers, conveyors, palletizers, shuttle cars or automated warehousing systems, EMS USA has the automation equipment you need.


In the end, no matter how straightforward or complex your integrated solution, your investment in automation will yield faster production, greater line efficiency and accelerated ROI.

Is now the time to invest with so many supply chain issues?

EMS USA understands the concerns wineries are facing in a post-pandemic world. With bottlenecks in almost every supply chain, how do wineries ensure that their investment in automation won’t cause more or different problems?

We expanded our staff of stateside technicians and representatives at our EMS USA headquarters in Florida” says Zarnick-Duffy. “We knew it was vitally important for our customers to have 24/7/365 service, parts and support in the face of supply chain issues stemming from the pandemic. We want them to be confident that we won’t leave them waiting for production, equipment installation, or service because of the pandemic. Our engineers and technicians are available to support them in every step from design to installation and maintenance because we know it is critical for the peace of mind they need for long-term success.”


As you move your winery toward smarter product handling solutions with a greater level of automation, your efficiency, reliability and ROI will accelerate. The first step is to identify a knowledgeable partner with the expertise to assess your needs and help you design the system that will deliver the greatest ROI for you.

Visit EMS USA at BOOTH #220 at the 9th Annual Wine Industry Expo this Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 for more information and to learn why EMS USA is the ideal partner for material handling, palletization, and storage needs.

You can also visit the EMS Group website or contact Beth Zarnick Duffy, Executive Sales Director, directly at [email protected].



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