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Casa Cristal Nursery Grows Long-Lasting Partnerships


Casa Cristal Nursery was incorporated in 1990 after years of propagating and growing vines for their sister companies. With a focus on service, innovation, and quality vines, they have been successfully partnering with growers ever since.

In the Mid-2000s, the nursery positioned itself for a larger presence in the industry, evaluating every phase of the business, focusing on quality and the grower’s experience. “We went back to the basics. Retooled each process from the ground up,” says General Manager Justin Jackson. “We tossed what wasn’t working, reimagined what the nursery could be, and made a strategic plan to get it there.”

Before 2007, Casa Cristal strictly sold bare-root vines. To meet rising demands for potted vines, they invested heavily, constructing a greenhouse facility that has grown to over five acres with room to expand. They also redeveloped and expanded their increase blocks, which has become an ongoing endeavor.

“Setting a solid course meant learning all we could about the process,” says Jackson. “We’re horticulturalists at heart, so we spent a great deal of our time focusing on improving takes, plant health, and sanitation.” Taking a cue from their European counterparts, they investigated the subtleties of propagation and explored mechanization, developing customized technology that saves them – and their growers – time and money, as well as ensuring vine quality.

In addition to building a new infrastructure, Casa Cristal has built a dedicated team. “With each phase of growth, we added team members with specific skill sets to fulfill the company’s evolving needs. None of our staff had prior experience in the nursery industry. We have diverse backgrounds and different talents that, combined, is quite effective,” says Jackson. 

Casa Cristal’s success is rooted in relationships. They know their clients well and are vested in seeing their vineyards thrive. “We aren’t the largest nursery by design. Our goal isn’t just to plant this vineyard,” Jackson says, “but to establish generational partnerships, and we’ve paced our growth accordingly.” This commitment to developing long-term, personal relationships has been the foundation of their business practices for over three decades, and it’s one of the many things that sets them apart.

The team at Casa Cristal enjoys networking in various regions throughout the state, attending and sponsoring member events of grower associations whenever possible. “Going to these events, meeting growers face-to-face is a great way to listen and learn about the needs and concerns of that community.”

Moving forward with an eye on the headwinds our industry continues to face, Casa Cristal plans to adapt and stay at the forefront with continued investment in innovative technology and good old fashion dedication. “We have the resources, the talent, and the commitment to grow and we are geared up and ready for the next cycle.”  To learn more or start the conversation, visit www.casacristal.com.

Casa Cristal Nursery is currently taking orders for 2022. For more information or to discuss your upcoming planting needs, email [email protected].

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