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Burgundy Exemplifies Good Food and Wine in France!


In 2022, two exciting flagship projects will be shining the spotlight on good food and wine, in Dijon, Beaune, Mâcon and Chablis!

October 18th – The Cité internationale du vin et de la gastronomie in Dijon: The capital of the Dukes of Burgundy is championing the values recognized by UNESCO: the gastronomic meal of the French and the Climats, terroirs of Burgundy – here the term “Climat” refers to the vineyard site, each “Climat” vine plot has been identified over time in connection with the quality and characteristics of the wine produced in this Burgundian wine-growing area.

Produits régionaux de la Côte-d’Or

The Cité internationale du vin et de la gastronomie will be housed in buildings dating back to the 15th-18th centuries, with 3,000 sq.m. of wooded grounds.   Ideally located in the city center, opposite the train station, this site combines exhibition areas, tourism and culture amenities as well as a housing program. In the space given over to the Experimental Kitchen, it will be possible to watch recipes being prepared using local, seasonal produce and even to take part in masterclasses: why not in the rooftop space during a barbecue class…? The Cité’s 3-story Wine Cellar, covering more than 600 sq.m., will offer a unique and bespoke tasting experience of 250 wines by the glass! Not long to go now! The inauguration of this exceptional project is scheduled on April 22, 2022.

The Cité des Vins et des Climats de Bourgogne:

Designed as a network, this cultural center comprises 3 spaces dedicated to wine tourism, based in 3 of Burgundy’s renowned vineyard towns: Beaune, Mâcon and Chablis. A fully-fledged cultural initiative, each of these 3 Cités has been designed as a community venue in its own right, hosting wine tourism workshops, exhibitions, conferences, concerts and even bookstores for reading. Their remarkable architecture has been carefully designed to fit seamlessly into the landscape and chosen urban neighborhood. They are expected to be inaugurated in the fall of 2022.

After such a rich choice of products, an introduction to wine and guided discovery of Burgundy’s wines are a must! Attend the wine-tour organized by Sonia Guyon from Burgundy-Emotions and you’ll become an expert in Burgundian wines!




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