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CJ Mccollum Continues Legacy in Willamette Valley, Introduces 2019 Chehalem Mountains Pinot Noir


Professional athlete and wine connoisseur continues to grow McCollum Heritage 91

NEWBERG, Ore. (Aug. 31, 2021) – Professional athlete and longtime wine connoisseur CJ McCollum is continuing his legacy in the Willamette Valley, introducing a 2019 Chehalem Mountains Pinot noir. The new wine represents the continued growth of McCollum Heritage 91, which has been wildly popular since its launch in June 2020.

“We announced this new label during a time of great uncertainty and unrest, and I have been so overwhelmed by the positive response from fans and wine lovers alike, many of whom took the time to learn more about my story,” said McCollum. “As an athlete, mentor, advocate and businessman, I have prioritized showing young people the numerous paths and opportunities in front of them, and I hope the expansion of McCollum Heritage 91 – and more specifically the introduction of our 2019 Chehalem Mountains Pinot noir – represents a step forward in those efforts.”

From the start, McCollum has been intimately involved in every step of bringing McCollum Heritage 91 to life. He spent countless hours with Adelsheim Vineyard’s Gina Hennen, who serves as winemaker for both wine labels, further refining his own wine preferences and investing time to learn the ins-and-outs of operating a wine business. McCollum has been hands-on in the building of the brand, including label and logo design, packaging decisions and overseeing marketing and communications efforts. 

“I am humbled by the conversations, feedback and, ultimately, demand for McCollum Heritage 91,” continued McCollum. “This brand is a true reflection of my passions, and I feel honored to share this legacy as we continue to expand our portfolio.”

McCollum introduced his first wine, a 2018 Chehalem Mountains Pinot noir, in summer of 2020, followed by a Willamette Valley Rosé in spring of 2021. McCollum Heritage 91 also released a wine under the One Barrel Challenge label in May of 2021, with proceeds benefiting the Maurice Lucas Foundation in support of diversifying the wine industry.

The McCollum Heritage 91 2019 Chehalem Mountains Pinot noir will be available for purchase on Sept. 27. Wine will be distributed through the McCollum Heritage 91 website, and the 2019 Chehalem Mountains Pinot noir will retail for $50 per bottle. The wine will also be sold exclusively as a limited edition two-bottle gift set alongside the 2020 Willamette Valley Rosé, which originally sold out when it went on sale this past spring. The gift set will retail for $91, a reflection of McCollum’s birth year, 1991.

Like all wines produced with Adelsheim, the McCollum Heritage 91 2019 Chehalem Mountains Pinot noir is LIVE certified sustainable. McCollum plans to release additional vintages of McCollum Heritage 91 wine, with availability anticipated in winter of 2021

“It’s been a pleasure to be a part of CJ’s evolving wine journey,” said Adelsheim’s Gina Hennen, who serves as winemaker for McCollum Heritage 91. “I’m really proud of our 2019 Chehalem Mountains Pinot noir, which can be enjoyed now, or aged for years to come.”

About McCollum Heritage 91

McCollum Heritage 91 is the creation of CJ McCollum. Having been introduced to wine in his early 20s, McCollum’s fortuitous move to one of the top wine regions in the U.S. led him to take his existing passion for – and knowledge of – wine to new heights. As reflected through his work both on-and-off the basketball court, leaving a legacy is greatly important to McCollum, and McCollum Heritage 91 is a reflection of bringing his passions to life and honoring his family name in the process. For more information, please visit: https://www.mccollumheritage91.com/.



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