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Kaiken Wines Explores the Unknown


Kaiken Wines Releases Three New Malbecs Taking Consumers on an Adventure into Uncharted Territories 

August 17, 2021—Mendoza, Argentina—Kaiken Wines, the Argentine winery with an adventurous spirit, announces the launch of Kaiken Aventura in the U.S. market. This brand new, luxury collection debuts with three distinctly expressive Malbecs sourced from the unexplored terroir of Los Chacayes and Valle de Canota Indicaciones Geográficas (Geographical Indications, or GIs in English) embodying Kaiken’s spirit of curiosity, adventure and innovation. Kaiken Aventura is priced at SRP $32 will be first introduced in California this summer.  

“Kaiken Aventura demonstrates our desire to explore the unknown terroir of the Andes. Although it was a great challenge to grow this fruit, these wines are truly impressive. Kaiken Aventura is our trilogy of the Andes of Mendoza and each wine is equally and uniquely expressive,” says Kaiken winemaker Gustavo Hörmann.  

About the Terroir 

In the heart of the Vista Flores region of Tunuyán, Los Chacayes GI, established in 2017, is located on the northern and southern slopes of the Arroyo Grande in the Uco Valley. A micro-terroir full of character, Los Chacayes has an extreme climate that is influenced by the winds and unique soils found in this region. Separated by the Arroyo Grande river, Los Chacayes is divided into two distinct appellations: Los Chacayes Sur and Los Chacayes Norte. Despite the proximity between both vineyards, the Malbecs of Los Chacayes Norte and Sur are distinctly different.   

In Los Chacayes Sur, there is an extreme temperature range between day and night with limited rainfall. The soils are surrounded by large rocks, sand, and silt which adds a distinct characteristic to the soil of Los Chacayes Sur. The 2019 Kaiken Aventura Los Chacayes Sur Malbec exhibits an intense red with light violent hints and showcases captivating hints of spice, thyme, and mint.  

Unlike Los Chacayes Sur, the soils of Los Chacayes Norte are in the oldest alluvial cone of this GI.  With loamy soils and a large number of rocks rounded by the force of the river. As a result of the rocks on the surface, the Malbecs from Los Chacayes Norte are harvested one week before Los Chacayes Sur.  The  resulting 2019 Kaiken Aventura Los Chacayes Norte Malbec is alluring and delicate with expressive floral aromas and marked tannins. 

Valle de Canota, established in 2019 as a distinct wine growing region, is a nearly unexplored area located in Las Heras, 20 miles northwest of the city of Mendoza. Surrounded by the Andean foothills, the Canota Valley is small micro-terroir that has a desert climate and is enclosed by the Villavicencio Reserve. The Valle de Canota is a hidden wine paradise with remarkable extreme temperatures with less than 3 inches of annual rainfall that allows for these Malbecs to be harvested an entire month earlier than Los Chacayes Norte and Sur. The 2019 Kaiken Aventura Valle de Canota Malbec expresses soft round tannins that is combined with delicious notes of cherries and dark fruit. 

About Kaiken Wines 

The Caiquén is a wild goose from Patagonia that flies across The Andes between Argentina and Chile. By embarking on this cross-border flight the Caiquén takes up a major challenge. Just like the Caiquén, Aurelio Montes, founder of the Chilean winery Bodega Montes, made several trips across the Andes until, in 2000 he rediscovered Mendoza as a generous land filled with superb vines and hardworking people. In 2001 he realized Mendoza was the perfect place to make Kaikén Wines, wines that embody everything a great wine ought to be. www.kaikenwines.com. Follow Kaiken Wines in the U.S. on social media @kaikenwinesusa. 

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