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Afternoon Brief, August 3rd

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State Cuts Off Hundreds of Russian River Growers, Ranchers and Others in Drastic Bid to Save Water
A day long dreaded by hundreds of ranchers, grape growers, farmers, water providers and towns arrived Monday as the state ordered them to stop diverting water from the Russian River watershed or be fined $1,000 a day…
M. A. Silva USA
2021 Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Mid-Year Report
Following the January release of our annual Direct-to-Consumer Wine Shipping Report in partnership with Wines Vines Analytics, consumers continue to make changes in how they get their wine…
Progress of Terroir-Focused Lodi Wines
Terroir is a French term that entails the natural environmental factors, such as climate, soil, topography, aspect, elevation, latitude, etc., that have a direct effect on grape qualities, and ultimately on wines made from those grapes…
How Will Consumer Needs Prompt Wine Ecommerce Models to Evolve Post COVID-19?
The wine category has always been a jump ahead of most other beverage alcohol categories in terms of ecommerce. The pandemic heightened consumer needs for convenience and belonging, boosting wine ecommerce…
After Years of Extreme Heat, Oregon Wineries Feature Cooler 2019 Vintage at Willamette Auction
We’re One Month Away! Have You Entered the Santé International Wine & Spirits Competition?
Clarification on Story About Winery in Raymond, Nebraska
Jackson Family Wines Announces Three New Strategic Distributor Changes in Illinois, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania
Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Launches New SG+ Customer Offering for Fine Wine, Artisanal Wine, Craft and Luxury Spirits
Complex Picpoul Has Arrived
Nebraska Grapefest Marks Another Successful Year
Younger LDA Wine Drinkers in the US Seek Reassurance Cues from Wine Labels
New Zealand Wine Giant Saved from Liquidation
Ancient Roman Wine Shipwreck Found Near Sicily
Prowine Mumbai to Debut in November 2021
The Real Threat of Counterfeit Wine from Wholesalers
Bicycles, Locomotives, and Wine Market Growth
Women + Wine: How the Wine Tasting Thing Goes
VinePair Podcast: The Perils of ‘Celebrity’ Culture in Drinks
Our El Dorado County Wine Pictorial
Tasting Room Manger
Billsboro Winery – Geneva, NY
Event & Administrative Assistant
Mendocino Winegrowers Inc. – Ukiah, CA, USA
Packaging Operator Lead
Bear Republic Brewing Co., Inc. – Cloverdale, CA, United States
More Wine Industry Jobs
Q&A with Garry Brooks, Brooks Note Winery
Badger Mountain Inc. Announces Steve Rothwell as New Head Winemaker for Badger Mountain Organic Winery & Powers Winery
Straight Talk with Wine Spectator: Rob McMillan of Silicon Valley Bank’s Wine Group
The Italian Winemakers Reviving an Ancient Region
A Question of Balance: Premium Napa Estate Gallica Talks COVID and Collaboration
Global Package Adds to Its Beautiful Wild Glass™ Collection
Easy Ways to Spice Up Summer DTC Marketing Campaigns
Process Cooling Systems Explained
Activ8 eCommPLUS with Google Analytics
More Supplier News
Wine & Weed Symposium
Stoller Wine Group Swings into the RTD Category with a Rosé Spritz
How BOXT Is Changing the Reputation of Boxed Wine
Trefethen Family Vineyards Introduces New Estate Chardonnay: “Katie’s Acre”
Kiona, Barnard Griffin Toast 40th Red Mountain Harvest with Fundraiser Cab
M. Chapoutier Eyes US Market Growth and Appoints Folio Fine Wine Partners
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