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Stoller Wine Group Swings into the RTD Category with a Rosé Spritz


Stoller Swing expands and diversifies the company product offerings

Stoller Wine Group LogoAug. 2, 2021, Dayton, OR – Seeing the rise of the better-for-you and ready-to-drink categories, the Stoller Wine Group has released a new Rosé Spritz under its Stoller Family Estate brand to diversify its product portfolio and extend into a new beverage category. Stoller Swing is made from hand-selected Oregon Pinot Noir blended with vermouth and citrus botanicals with a kiss of effervescence. 

“This product is all about what consumers are actively looking for right now,” said Gary Mortensen, president of the Stoller Wine Group. “RTD beverages are currently the fastest-growing alcoholic drink category in the market. Stoller Swing satisfies this demand as a unique, inviting beverage that is modest in calories.” 

Stoller Swing is designed to be approachable, light, and refreshing. At only 7.5% alcohol, each 500 mL bottle contains 90 calories per serving for $10. Vibrant notes of grapefruit and Cara Cara orange lead to a mélange of ginger and lemon zest on the palate that unwinds to a crisp citrus finish. 

“I’ve wanted to make a Rosé Spritz like this for years,” said Melissa Burr, vice president of winemaking at the Stoller Wine Group. “When Karl Weichold joined our team as production winemaker last fall, the timing was right to make it happen. His decade-long experience making both Oregon wine and Vermouth coupled with our approach to Pinot Noir came together beautifully in this wine-based cocktail.” 

Stoller Swing will initially launch in Oregon, Georgia, and Texas, shortly followed by a full national rollout. There are 2,500 cases produced of the Rosé Spritz that were bottled in June 2021. Stoller Family Estate is the fastest growing top 15 Oregon brand across the U.S., outpacing the category 7.5 times faster in dollar sales and ten times faster in total volume sold, according to IRI – Total U.S. Food for the 52-weeks ending June 11, 2021. 

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