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Jackson Family Wines Announces Three New Strategic Distributor Changes in Illinois, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania


SANTA ROSA, Calif., August 3, 2021 – Jackson Family Wines, the family-owned wine company known for its global portfolio of wineries and vineyards, announced today its new distributors in three key states: Illinois, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.

In Illinois, Jackson Family Wines will be distributed by Romano Beverage. The Chicago-based company is a third-generation, family-owned business with a history of successful distribution throughout Illinois. The company has long-standing relationships in the marketplace going back to founder Donald “Buddy” Romano and now carried on day-to-day by his sons, Danny and Michael Romano. With the addition of the Jackson Family Wines’ portfolio, Romano Beverage will debut a new statewide, full-service distributor, with a focus on the premium wine and spirits space. 

Jackson Family Wines Executive Vice President of Sales, Bill O’Connor, said of the announcement, “We are pleased with this exciting new route to market in Illinois with another family-owned company.  Romano Beverage has shown a lot of enthusiasm for our award-winning portfolio. We are looking forward to sharing our best practices and fine wine education platform from Regal Wine Co. in California with Romano Beverage and its first-class team.”

Romano Beverage President, Michael D. Romano, said “We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with such a preeminent wine company focused on quality at every level. The Romano family is back, full steam ahead, in the premium wine and spirits business!”

In Minnesota, Jackson Family Wines made a strategic move to Johnson Brothers. Jess Jackson and Lynn Johnson, late founders of both companies, were friends and partners throughout the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s.  The move back to Johnson Brothers was a “natural fit” according to O’Connor.

“Part of my job responsibility today is fostering the next generation of family partnerships. Knowing Lynn’s sons, Todd and Michael, for the last 20 years, and now being able to introduce the next generation of Johnsons to the next generation of the Jacksons and Hartfords, gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Hopefully the Johnson family (along with the Romanos) will be doing business with the Jacksons and Hartfords long after I’m gone. This is a great starting point for decades to come,” said O’Connor.   

Finally, in Pennsylvania, Jackson Family Wines announced they will be moving to Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. Jackson Family Wines is currently distributed by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits in 13 major markets and the Jackson family has been working with Wayne Chaplin and his family for nearly 20 years. O’Connor noted that he is “excited about the possibilities in Pennsylvania, where we see many growth opportunities ahead.”

Jackson Family Wines maintains distributor alignment with Republic National Distributing Company in 13 major markets as well as Breakthru Beverage in a half dozen other states. “We’ve always gone to route in each state separately,” noted O’Connor, “and while these moves will shake things up a bit in the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic, it will be healthy overall for our award-winning portfolio.” 

About Jackson Family Wines

Jackson Family Wines is a family-owned, vineyard-based company with a penchant for exploration. Founder Jess Jackson placed his faith in farming and a meticulous expression of wine with his first landscape-changing vintage in 1982, an ethos that chairman Barbara Banke, the Jackson family, and our employees continue to uphold to this day. The Jackson family’s collection of 40 wineries spans significant winegrowing regions, from California, Oregon, France, and Italy in the northern hemisphere, to Australia, Chile and South Africa in the southern half of the globe. Vineyard ownership and sustainable practices remain key to consistent quality and artisan winemaking underscores a steadfast commitment to making wines of character and integrity.  For more information about Jackson Family Wines, please visit www.jacksonfamilywines.com

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