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Cantine Ermes and Boomer Beverage: A New Alliance Between Sicilian Wines and the American Market 


August 2nd – Cantine Ermes is pleased to announce its plan to expand its distribution network through a new strategic partnership with Boomer Beverage, a nationwide alcohol supplier company led by wine veteran Dan Goettel. 

The Sicily-based company Cantine Ermes, one of the largest wine producers in the island, has been distributed in the US market since 2018. Through the new collaboration, the winery now aims to strengthen its image and presence in the US market and in the key-states of New York, Illinois, Florida, California, and Texas. 

“This is an important step for Cantine Ermes.” says Angelo Morando, Export Sales Director of the Sicilian co-op. “We are ready to invest more on the American market and make our organic collection more accessible to consumers. We feel that Boomer Beverage is the right partner to do so, thanks to their expertise, knowledge and direct communication/link with distributors.” 

Launched in January 2021, Boomer Beverage is a new player in the wine market yet operated by a group of veterans in the wine industry. The founder Dan Goettel started with E&J Gallo and developed his career working with clients of the likes of Chateau Ste. Michelle, CWUS, Remy Amerique, and Lambert Estates wines of Australia. Dan is joined by a team formed by Dave Prieto, Jim Powell, Franck Bevacqua, Gary Cowan, and Peter Zilocchi (former VP Sales for Freixenet.) 

Boomer Beverage’s mission is to transform brands, either international and local, into established ones in the US, ensuring that brands from around the globe get the focus and attention they deserve in the arena of the US market. Thanks to the strong and long-lasting relationships with distributors and retailers established during a 20 years career, Boomer Beverage’s Dan Goettel aims to expand the presence of Cantine Ermes and their two key collections of wine, Vento di Mare and Quattro Quarti & Epicentro, across the country. 


Cantine Ermes was founded in the heart of Sicily’s Belice Valley, an area infamously known for the 1968 earthquake that wiped out a vast surface of the island. Thirty years later, a group of nine young winemakers decided to embark on a path of reconstruction of the land taking advantage of everything it had to offer, forming what is today the biggest wine co-op in the region. Throughout the years (1998-2021) Cantine Ermes has reached 2.257 members and around 25.830 acres of vineyards located amongst Trapani, Agrigento and Palermo’s district. Today, one third of these vineyards are organic. Cantine Ermes currently imports in the US 3 collections produced with indigenous and international grapes: Vento di Mare (Pinot Grigio, Grillo, Moscato Pinot Nero, Nerello Mascalese and Nero d’Avola), Quattro Quarti (Grillo and Nero d’Avola) and Epicentro (Nero d’Avola Riserva). 

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