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Global Filtration Manufacturer and Leading Wine Industry Supplier Team Up to Deliver Winning Technological Advances in North America


For more than 20 years, Pall Corporation – the world’s premier supplier of filtration, separation and purification systems for the food and beverage industry – has partnered exclusively with Scott Laboratories, the leading supplier in value-added products for the North American wine and specialty beverage markets.

According to Ian Rickard, Pall Corporation’s Global Marketing Manager for Wine & Spirits, “our relationship with Scott Labs is very valuable to us. They provide our customers with a broad portfolio of products based on their extensive application knowledge and experience in filtration, but also in all aspects of winemaking. They have been deeply involved in the wine industry for several decades and are more connected to the industry than any other company I’ve known in North America. We were therefore very happy to expand our relationship in 2018 adding the full range of Oenoflow™ filtration systems to our products available through Scott Laboratories.”

Satisfaction with the partnership definitely runs both ways.

Damon Dudley, Scott Labs’ General Manager for Equipment, Parts & Service called the relationship between both companies “a welcome pleasure. Pall has the best engineered crossflow system on the market, making them the leading crossflow manufacturer in the world.”

The expanded relationship between Scott Laboratories and Pall Corporation has helped Oenoflow systems customers gain access to local service technicians and allowed for significant further expansion of the fleet of Oenoflow systems installed in North America.

In the late 1990’s Oenoflow filtration systems revolutionized the way wines were clarified globally, and since then the platform has continued to deliver best in class wine clarification in every wine region of the world. Recently Pall launched the new Oenoflow PRO XL system, a state-of-the-art crossflow filtration system that has further modernized wine clarification.

  • Oenoflow PRO XL systems run Pall’s new Optimizer algorithm, which provides a powerful way to track and reduce operating expenses (OPEX).
  • Oenoflow PRO apps (for iOS and Android) connect to the customer’s Oenoflow system to provide convenient access to a wide variety of data and documentation.
  • Browser dashboard for Desktop access provides extended reporting capabilities.
  • New HMI (Human Machine Interface) is available for simplified operations.

The innovative Optimizer algorithm developed by Pall automatically adjusts system settings in real time based on the individual wine’s chemical and physical characteristics.

Within minutes of starting the filtration, the Optimizer evaluates the wine’s filtration performance and then automatically adjusts the flow rate, backflush duration, and interval. It also controls the choice of intra-batch cleaning frequency and intra-batch cleaning program.

“This takes the operator variation out of the equation,” explains Rickard. “Arbitrary decisions can have unintended results. The Optimizer gives you reliability. You’re operating with the knowledge that you’re getting the best out of the system all the time.”

Rickard notes that when compared to traditional Oenoflow XL systems, the addition of the Optimizer to the new Oenoflow PRO XL-S and XL-A systems means wineries can realize an estimated 10 percent reduction in operating expenses.

He emphasized that the Oenoflow PRO app and dashboard features help operators and supervisors manage daily workflows, as well as provide rapid system diagnosis and simplified access to maintenance records and documents.

While the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected systems aren’t new concepts, Pall’s advancement of algorithm-driven, connected crossflow technology coupled with Scott Labs’ 80+ years of wine industry knowledge and technical expertise are bringing the next phase of modern winemaking to market.

For more information and to speak with an expert, go to www.scottlab.com.




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