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The Vice Wine Unveils Their First Luxury Canned Wines 


 The Bubbly Rosé and Casablanca Mojito are high-quality, clean canned wines made from Napa Valley 

Napa, CA – May 14th, 2021 – Spring is here, and the demand for luxury canned wines has never been greater. The Vice Wine is pleased to announce their first two Napa Valley canned wines, the Bubbly Rosé “Vices” Can  and the Casablanca Mojito “Vices” Can. Both of these wines are limited edition 2020 vintages that are available to purchase as 4pks, 8pks, 12pks and 24pks from TheViceWine.com. 

The Vice Wine co-founders Malek Amrani and Torie Greenberg Amrani searched high and low for a high-quality, clean, luxury canned Rosé and when they couldn’t find one, they decided to craft one with only 2 ingredients: Pinot Noir and carbonated water, both from  America’s finest and most luxurious wine region, Napa Valley.

The organically farmed Pinot Noir is harvested by hand and fermented to complete dryness. The Napa Valley water underwent reverse osmosis and was carbonated to the maximum pressure that the tanks could handle (31 Psi). The two ingredients were mixed right before canning, resulting in a light, refreshing, bubbly and clean sparkling rosé.

Pour this can in a glass and the light pink color will seduce you to take your first sip. Skip the glass (like we do) and you’ll quickly find that your first sip is packed with effervescence and freshness. Watermelon, red apple skin, blood orange and spring flowers may emerge with each sip. For the best experience, we recommend keeping a few cans nearby and chilled at all times.

Each can is under 90 calories with an ABV of 7.2% and made with sustainably grown fruit and winemaking practices. 

The Vice Wine co-founder/winemaker Malek Amrani grew up drinking tea daily in Casablanca; green tea with mint and a wedge of lemon or lime. With age, he discovered the mojito, and today the popular cocktail is a summer favorite for him and his wife. When they could not find a high-quality, clean canned mojito that was low in sugar and calories, they decided to create the Casablanca Mojito from Sauvignon Blanc, fresh mint, Meyer lemon, elderflower and carbonated water. The Sauvignon Blanc and carbonated water are from Napa Valley, and the remaining ingredients are from the Golden State, California. The result is a zero sugar, clean, light, refreshing, bubbly and easy-drinking Mojito that can be ready in seconds.

Undertones of tropical and herbaceous flavors from The Vice Wine’s Napa Sauvignon Blanc beautifully intertwine with fresh mint and Meyer lemon. A hint of elderflower follows along with an irresistible freshness, making it difficult to keep your hands off this can.

Each can is under 90 calories with an ABV of 7.2% and made with sustainably grown fruit and winemaking practices. 

About The Vice Wine

The Vice Wine is a Napa Valley luxury wine brand made in small batches. Each batch is crafted from single grape varietals sourced from hand selected vineyards that best express the grape varietal and the region that it comes from. The Vice wines is a result of passionate labor, sustainable farming, a long expertise of the wine industry and a current understanding of the consumer’s wine trend. The Vice Wine is about as personal of a brand as it gets. Everything is done by the founders. We drive the truck to get our fruit, we crush, bottle, label; we do everything by hand when possible. We design the labels, work the market, and sell the wine. We believe that the best wines in the world aren’t the most expensive ones. We thrive at providing the best quality wine at the best value. For more information visit thevicewine.com and follow on @thevicewine.

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