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Premium Crush Facility Ramps Up Equipment, Operations and Hospitality Services


Since 2016, Sugarloaf Crush has put together a winning combination of stellar production equipment and tailored processes designed to create ultra-premium wines of all varieties. As the winemaking community eagerly anticipates California’s full reopening sometime this summer, Sugarloaf Crush is prepared for client-hosted tastings and event opportunities on property.

Sugarloaf Crush Cellar

“Our expertise lies in small-lot production and custom winemaking. With fermentation tanks in a range of sizes and specialized technology, we are able to customize our practices to fit clients’ specific needs. Onsite barrel storage and bottling capabilities reduce complications for member wineries, while our state-of-the-art tasting room allows for clients to develop direct relationships with their clientele,” explains Ronald Du Preez, Sugarloaf Crush General Manager. “It’s a huge benefit that we’re able to offer TankNet and InnoVint technologies to ensure stellar temperature control and complete transparency to our clients throughout the entire winemaking process. We’re continuing to provide no-cost upgrades to make sure our equipment, processes and services remain cutting edge.”

Sugarloaf Crush is outfitted with a comprehensive range of production equipment and facility enhancements that include:

  • 10’ sorting table
  • 50 and 100 HL Vaslin-Bucher Bladders press options
  • Basket Presses, Carlsen and Vaslin Bucher
  • Fruit delivery all via vibrating hopper, pre-destemmer sorting table and post-destemming mechanical berry sorting table
  • Destemming by a Vaslin-Bucher 200 Oscillys destemmer
  • We use a WECO Optical Sorter for the ultimate perfect berry in tank
  • Transfer to tank via stainless steel dump bins or
  • A Vaslin Bucher Perstalic pumps
  • Air pumps of various sizes for pump-overs
  • Waukesha pumps
  • Open top tanks, with increments of 2-,4- and 6-ton sizes
  • Larger lot tanks with 8- and 12-ton capabilities
  • All tanks are TankNet controlled with hot and cold glycol

Sugarloaf was an early adopter of InnoVint, a winery management software program that tracks workflow from bud break to bottle. Du Preez notes that Sugarloaf Clientele has the option to add an accounting module to the base software Sugarloaf Crush hosts.

InnoVint app

“We’re pleased that our clients are able to have this cost tracking functionality module within InnoVint as an added benefit from the software the facility uses,” Du Preez confirms. “Wines are made in the vineyards, and to allow clients to spend more time away from their desks is an added benefit for all.”

Du Preez is enthused to announce that the onsite Sugarloaf Crush Hospitality Center is able to resume operations for member wineries and their preferred clientele.

The Hospitality Center features a public tasting room, separate suites for private tastings and a commercial kitchen to prepare bites during normal tasting hours. Sugarloaf Clientele have the option to host catered lunches or dinners as well as large events entertaining up to 200 guests at the facility.

The tasting room lounges offer indoor/outdoor flexibility as well as multiple music streaming capabilities. The 7000-square-foot Center is designed with contemporary furnishings and custom finishes, as well as a welcoming fireplace and climate-controlled spaces for an ultimate, wine tasting hospitality experience.

Tastings and events are set up through Sugarloaf Crush member clients. For more information, go to www.sugarloafcrush.com.




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