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O-I Glass Releases Recyclable Glass Solution to Growing Drink-to-Go Category


Drinktainer™ brings innovation through sealable, single-serve to-go option capturing on-premise experience.  

PERRYSBURG, Ohio (May 10, 2021) – O-I Glass, Inc. has announced the release of the Drinktainer™, an innovative, recyclable drinking vessel engineered for bars, restaurants, and taprooms to differentiate to-go service with a container that captures the on-premise experience allowing bars & restaurants to fill a single-serve container with draft, or fresh cocktails, that would typically be limited to on-premise consumption.  

The Drinktainer™ blends the sensory experience of a glass with the convenience of drinking straight from the glass bottle, with a wider opening to allow a deeper flavor, freshness, aroma, and more. Allowing the beverage to be consumed & taste exactly as intended. Replicating the on-premise experience. 

“Drinktainer™ creates a new level of function for the drink-to-go category designed for fresh cocktails, or beer straight from the draft, in a sealable container,” said Sarah Brennan, Market Director for O-I. “The Drinktainer™ creates a single-serve vessel that removes the barriers of traditional containers to deliver the ultimate consumption experience, unlocking the beverage’s aromatic potential straight from the packaging—no extra glass needed.”  



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