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Vine-to-Bottle Software with 24/7 Support


Vineyard and Winery information at your fingertips even when you’re away

Remote communications have always been critical for vineyard managers and winery owners, even before COVID. Process2Wine vine-to-bottle software has been putting the information needed to manage from afar at the fingertips of managers and owners for 5 years. Owners and managers can’t always be in their winery or in every vineyard, no matter how much they’d like to oversee every detail. With COVID restricting face-to-face meetings, the ability to communicate with people who are miles apart is more important than ever.

When Process2Wine is part of your vineyard and winery’s daily routine, it automatically builds a database of the critical information you need to manage workflow and labor force. Recording work orders, supply purchases, and other information day-by-day creates a real-time database that you can tap into at any time, anywhere.

At the end of the month, a single click is all it takes to produce the reports needed for TTB compliance. Simply select the date range, click on the report name and print. Seconds later, all the information needed for the pesticide use or wine premises operations report is ready to send to TTB. Best of all, your daily routine saves you time and stress by eliminating the last-minute rush of gathering data at the end of the month.

“Process2Wine is here for you,” says Clement Chivite, Business Unit Manager, North America, “and to be even more helpful, we’ve introduced an online user guide and 24/7 support. Now, we’re available anytime users have a question. They can just go to the ribbon, type their question into the search tab, and it answers your question.”

For example, you can type phrases like “create pruning work order” or “add container” into the search box on the ribbon, and the chatbot will take you straight to a step-by-step guide with screenshots. Each guide is in an easy-to-view dropdown box that sits beside the work as you’re doing it, so you can match the example screenshots to see exactly how to build a work order or add a container.

The online documentation is especially helpful when trying a feature new to you, like Wine Prediction or Vineyard Management Prediction. Process2Wine users are always looking for new ways to gain value from their software, and having precise, step-by-step assistance lets you tap into new features quickly.

“New users tell us that the 24/7 Support and Resource Center is a big help in getting up to speed during implementation,” says Chivite, “in only a few weeks, they’ve got it!”

As we enter 2021, the Process2Wine software will be there for you during this challenging time and forward into the future. It will help you manage everything from planting your vineyard to bottling your wine, while answering your questions and suggesting new ways to make the software work harder for you.

To learn more, visit the Process2Wine website or contact them directly at [email protected]

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