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Paolo Foradori, a Pioneer in Wine from Alto Adige, Passes Away 


Bolzano, Italy (December 28, 2020) – Paolo Foradori, an Alto Adige pioneer, passed  away on December 22, 2020, at the age of eighty-five. 

Foradori helped to write the history not only of the J. Hofstätter Estate Winery in Tramin, but in particular also that of the culture of winegrowing in Alto Adige and Italy. As the  “father of Alto Adige Pinot Noir,” he recognized very early on the great potential of the  cultivation area of Mazzon. He will be remembered for his commitment to the  introduction of the “Vigna” designation on the label of renowned single-vineyard wines.  He is also to be thanked for the increase in the esteem of Alto Adige Gewürztraminer, to  which he added elegance and which, thanks to his commitment, made its way into the  wine lists of the best restaurants in Italy. 

Paolo Foradori was born in Bolzano in 1935 as the scion of a family from Trentino. In the  1920s, his father Vittorio Foradori, an attorney with a passion for winegrowing, had  purchased three winegrowing estates on the Mazzon plateau, above Egna, in the Bassa  Atesina. In contrast to the plans of his father, who wished for him to pursue a legal  career, Paolo decided upon the study of oenology. In 1959, he married Sieglinde  Oberhofer, the grandniece of the estate winery owner Josef Hofstätter in Tramin. With  the support of his wife, he shaped the future of the only family estate winery in Alto  Adige at the time, with grape growing areas on both sides of the Adige Valley. 

Foradori revolutionized the sale of wine from the J. Hofstätter Estate Winery. He created  a distribution network that was unique in Italy, and even today, the majority of the estate  winery’s production is successfully sold on the national market. 

Paolo Foradori’s life was characterized by interesting, adventuresome, and entertaining  anecdotes. With wit and charm, he was successful in making Alto Adige wine famous far  beyond the provincial borders. His gift for telling stories, his elegance, his great  knowledge, and his ingenious sense of irony set him apart from many others, making him  unforgettable. 

His life and work in connection with Alto Adige wine have most recently been  immortalized in a portrait for Alto Adige  

Wines: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjcWH8wetLc&t=2s



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