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Where Cannabis and Wine Meet: Cannabis Beverages


Cannabis-infused beverages are one of the most innovative and fastest-growing market segments within the cannabis industry. The segment shares the most in common with the wine industry consumption occasions, consumer behaviors, branding strategies, etc. Join us and listen to our panel of industry leaders in the cannabis beverage space discuss the rapid growth of the cannabis beverage market segment, and the opportunities and challenges that this growing segment poses to the wine industry.

During this webinar, we’ll discuss what is a cannabis beverage and how it’s different from other forms of cannabis. We will also cover: ​​​​

  • What brands/products are already in the market?
  • What are things to consider to bring a cannabis wine brand to market?
  • Who is the cannabis beverage consumer? Cannabis users or wine drinkers?
  • Are cannabis beverages a threat to the wine industry?

Speaker Panel:

Austin Stevenson
Chief Innovation Officer / Vertosa

Tracey Mason
Co-Founder and CEO / House of Saka, Inc.

Aaron Silverstein
Managing Director / BevZero

Evan Eneman
CEO / Fiorello, Founder / Ello LLC, Co-Founder / Casa Verde Capital

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