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Aperity and El Toro Partner on Innovative Data Solutions for Beverage Supply Chain Participants


Collaboration Strengthens Business Intelligence Offerings of Community-Centric Aperity Beverage Data Exchange

Aperity LogoLouisville, KY (October 27, 2020) – Two Louisville-based data technology companies, each challenging the norm in their respective markets, are partnering to continue to push the envelope for the beverage industry. Aperity, Inc., an innovative provider of data management and analytic solutions for supply chain partners, announced today that advertising technology provider El Toro has joined the Aperity Beverage Data Exchange. As part of the partnership, Aperity will now utilize El Toro’s suite of data and digital marketing services, including advanced analytics, mobile location marketing and IP Targeting, to help beverage supply chain participants seamlessly target consumers and maximize sales.

Earlier this year, Aperity launched its revolutionary Beverage Data Exchange, the industry’s first open community-centric data solution that helps facilitate business insights between supply chain partners. As the entire beverage ecosystem is looking for an alternative solution to the industry’s norm of inflexible and  closed black box products, the Aperity Beverage Data Exchange truly changes the landscape with an open, inclusive platform and marketplace that gives all of a brand’s supply chain participants full data visibility and transparency as well as enhanced ability to collaborate. With a pre-built platform of over 1,000 connectors already in place, including suppliers, distributors, retailers and partners, along with a library of 600 types of data transformations including machine learning algorithms to cleanse and harmonize data, the Beverage Data Exchange is giving supply chain partners an entirely new way to interact and communicate while improving data governance.

At the same time, as the global leader in IP Targeting, El Toro has reinvented target marketing for the digital age. By using a patented series of powerful IP Targeting technologies combined with offline data, El Toro’s combination of data and technology allows marketers to programmatically serve digital ads to the exact individuals of their choosing, generating industry-standard setting results. Instead of focusing on metrics like Click-Through Rate, El Toro can account for the impact of every dollar spent which is unheard of in traditional advertising.

“El Toro’s data and digital marketing products are truly unique and we are excited to leverage their state-of-the-art ad targeting capabilities as we continue to grow the Aperity Beverage Data Exchange,” said John Madalon, Aperity Founder and CEO. “Beverage data is no longer just about depletions and promotional data traditionally shared by the supplier, distributor and retailer but now includes the consumer piece of the equation and El Toro can accurately serve consumers hyper-targeted ads and messaging in real time.”

According to Stacy Griggs, El Toro President and CEO, “El Toro is an advertising technology company that stands out from the usual crowd and our technologies are helping change digital advertising across the board. Our patented one-to-one marketing technology gives advertisers the ability to target their intended online customer base by onboarding and matching CRM data with real time IP address location. Adding our data to the Aperity Beverage Data Exchange will help beverage industry supply chain partners utilize Account Based Marketing tactics, CRM targeting and more to reach their customers in real time with unmatched accuracy.”

The Aperity Beverage Data Exchange makes it simple to connect, clean, harmonize and deliver. To learn more about the future of your data on our open, accurate and flexible platform, visit https://aperity.com/.

About Aperity, Inc.

Aperity is an innovative data management and analytic solutions provider transforming how data is shared. Our Beverage Data Exchange is the industry’s first open community-centric data solution that accelerates the exchange of data and facilitates improved business insights between supply chain partners. By leveraging AI and machine learning, our products allow you to better integrate and build actionable insights quickly and accurately so you can spend less on data prep, harmonization and cleansing and more time on analytics and results. For more information, please visit https://aperity.com/.

About El Toro

Opened in Louisville in 2013, El Toro provides a range of online marketing services, including advanced analytics, mobile location marketing and IP targeting. El Toro’s patented tools provide a unique series of technologies allowing customers to directly market to their target customers via numerous omnichannel methods, including digital advertising, connected TV and direct mail. The company also provides ad-tech for political advertising in the U.S. and internationally. For more information, please visit https://eltoro.com.



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