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Winners of 2020 Great American Beer Festival Competition Revealed During First-Ever Virtual Ceremony


272 medals awarded to 240 breweries in prestigious professional beer competition 

Boulder, Colo. • October 16, 2020 — The Brewers Association (BA) awarded 272 medals* to 240 breweries across the country during the 2020 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) competition awards ceremony. The best beers in 91 beer categories covering 170 different beer styles (including all subcategories) were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals during a virtual ceremony hosted on The Brewing Network. 

Judges for the 34th edition of the celebrated competition evaluated 8,806 entries from 1,720 breweries from all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. Socially distanced judging took place in 35 sessions over 18 days with strict safety measures in place. The awards ceremony was held virtually on Friday evening, kicking off the two-day online programming portion of the Great American Beer Festival. 

“This year’s GABF competition may have looked a little different, but the beers entered into the competition were as impressive and innovative as ever,” said Chris Swersey, competition manager, Great American Beer Festival. “This has arguably been one of the most challenging years breweries have ever faced, so we hope these awards serve as a symbol not only of brewing excellence but also the resiliency of the craft brewing community as a whole.”

View the 2020 winners or download a PDF list of the winners.


  • 34th edition of the GABF competition 
  • 8,806 beers judged
  • 1,720 breweries in the competition from all 50 states plus Washington, D.C.
  • 115 judges from 21 states
  • Average number of competition beers entered in each category: 97
  • Category with the highest number of entries: Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ale (377)
  • 272 total medals awarded 
  • 240 medal-winning breweries 
  • 337 first-time GABF entrants
  • 19 first-time GABF winners


The winners of the top five most-entered categories were:

Category 58: Juicy or Hazy India Pale Ale (377 entries) – Sponsored by The Cincinnati Insurance Companies 

  • GOLD: Spellbinder, Wren House Brewing Co., Phoenix, AZ 
  • SILVER: Yojo, Moonraker Brewing Co., Auburn, CA 
  • BRONZE: Wicked Pawesome, Metazoa Brewing Co. – Stringtown Production Facility, Indianapolis, IN 

Category 57: American Style India Pale Ale (355 entries) – Sponsored by The Ardagh Group 

  • GOLD: IPA, Perry Street Brewing, Spokane, WA 
  • SILVER: Updrift India Pale Ale, Pelican Brewing Co. – Tillamook, Tillamook, OR 
  • BRONZE: Nothing Noble, Von Ebert Brewing – Pearl, Portland, OR 

Category 39: German Style Pilsener (200 entries) – Sponsored by Micro Matic 

  • GOLD: Sprockets, Gravely Brewing Co., Louisville, KY 
  • SILVER: Prost Pils, Prost Brewing Co., Denver, CO 
  • BRONZE: Pils, Kansas City Bier Co., Kansas City, MO 

Category 28: Wood & Barrel-Aged Strong Stout (199 entries) – Sponsored by BeerHole 

  • GOLD: A Night to End All Dawns, Kane Brewing Co., Ocean, NJ 
  • SILVER: Ruckus, Melvin Brewing – Thai Me Up, Jackson, WY 
  • BRONZE: Grasp of Oak, Moksa Brewing Co., Rocklin, CA 

Category 60: Juicy or Hazy Imperial India Pale Ale (192 entries) – Sponsored by The Alison Group 

  • GOLD: The Hopsplainer, Burke-Gilman Brewing Co., Seattle, WA 
  • SILVER: Not A Scientist, Cloudburst Brewing, Seattle, WA 
  • BRONZE: Sugar on My Tongue, Highland Park Brewery, Los Angeles, CA 


The most medals won by individual breweries included:

Sun King Brewery – Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN – 4 medals 

  • GOLD – Afternoon Delight, Category 26 – Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer 
  • BRONZE – Cherry Busey, Category 30 – Fruited Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer 
  • BRONZE – Pachanga, Category 34 – Light Lager 
  • BRONZE – Sunlight Cream Ale, Category 49 – Golden or Blonde Ale 

Cannonball Creek Brewing Co., Golden, CO – 3 medals 

  • GOLD – Featherweight Pale Ale, Category 53 – American-Style Pale Ale 
  • BRONZE – Vladimir Brutin, Category 18 – Experimental India Pale Ale 
  • BRONZE – Let’s Talk About Mex, Category 37 – American-Style Cream Ale 

Chuckanut Brewery – North Nut, Bellingham, WA – 3 medals 

  • GOLD – Chuckanut Maibock, Category 47 – Bock 
  • SILVER – Chuckanut Chuck Lite, Category 34 – Light Lager 
  • BRONZE – Chuckanut Rye, Category 12 – Rye Beer 

Riip Beer Co., Huntington Beach, CA – 3 medals 

  • GOLD – Tangible Passion, Category 82 – Belgian-Style Specialty Ale 
  • SILVER – The Riizzo, Category 10 – Coffee Stout or Porter 
  • SILVER – Black the Riipper, Category 69 – American-Style Black Ale or American-Style Stout 

23 individual breweries won 2 medals 

213 individual breweries won 1 medal


(See criteria here)


Very Small Brewing Company of the Year – Sponsored by Brewers Supply Group 

  • <1,000 barrels produced in 2019 
  • Five Branches Brewing, Tarpon Springs, FL; Jerry Brown 

Small Brewing Company of the Year – Sponsored by ABS Commercial 

  • 1,000 – 14,999 barrels produced in 2019 
  • Big aLICe Brewing Co., Long Island City, NY; Big aLICe Production Team 

Mid-Size Brewing Company of the Year – Sponsored by MicroStar Logistics 

  • 15,000 – 6,000,000 barrels produced in 2019 
  • Lost Forty Brewing, Little Rock, AR; Lost Forty Brewing Team 


Small Brewpub of the Year – Sponsored by Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. 

  • <750 barrels produced in 2019 
  • The Good Society, Seattle, WA; Phil Cammarano & Nick Berger 

Mid-Size Brewpub of the Year – Sponsored by Brewers Supply Group 

  • 750 – 1,500 barrels produced in 2019 
  • Monkless Belgian Ales, Bend, OR; Todd Clement & Chris Dinsdale 

Large Brewpub of the Year – Sponsored by Ska Fabricating 

  • Over 1,500 barrels produced in 2019 
  • The Freehouse, Minneapolis, MN; The Freehouse Team 


Brewery Group of the Year – Sponsored by Live Oak Bank 

  • Over 6,000,000 barrels produced in 2019 or multi-location breweries wishing to compete as a group 
  • Three Creeks Brewing Co., Sisters, OR; Team Three Creeks 
  • *Out of a possible 273 medals in 91 beer style categories, 272 were awarded. The bronze medal was not given in Category 20, Gluten-Free Beer.
  • The 2020 Great American Beer Festival was made possible in part by the generous support of its sponsors

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