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From Raw Juice to Fermented Wine, Central Valley Lab Has Analysis Covered for 2020 Harvest and Beyond


“Weird is the new normal.”

So opines Ron Dillon, manager of the bustling, successful Lodi Wine Labs located in the Central Valley hub of California when discussing what is becoming an annual lament by those in the wine industry about this being “an unusual year.”

Some years it’s been frost. Some, it’s been drought. Recently, it was wildfires.

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This time, a world pandemic is shaking up the way we do business.

But whatever the circumstance, winemaking goes on and Lodi Wine Labs is consistently available to provide the critical services and analyses central to the production of high quality wines for producers large and small.

Lodi Wine Labs is a professional services and products business, providing winemakers and other sectors of the beverage industry with the reliable information necessary to make key decisions during each stage of the fermentation process.

From equipment to complex lab analyses, Lodi Wine Labs supports customers throughout the nation from large commercial to boutique wineries, as well as home winemakers and brewers in their quest to craft superior beverages.

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Dillon points out that Lodi Wine Labs has built its stellar reputation throughout the winemaking and brewing community around three essential elements: Accessibility, Availability and Quality of Analysis.

  • Accessibility – Lodi Wine Labs services wineries in the immediate, surrounding area, from Auburn to Modesto and Livermore. In addition, the company has drop off points and daily courier services throughout the entire Northern and Central California wine regions. Customers in other states receive rapid, overnight service through UPS, USPS, and FedEx.
  • Availability – everybody knows winemaking is not a 9-5 operation, especially during harvest. Lodi Wine Labs offers flexible, 12 hour/day customer services in order to accommodate production rigors throughout the 2020 harvest season and beyond.
  • Quality of Analysis – Lodi Wine Labs is ISO-17025 certified, meeting international standards for consistent, step-by-step procedural analyses that are extraordinarily well documented.

“The calibration of our machines, the chemicals we use for testing and our methodical, step-by-step procedure almost perfectly guarantees the quality of our analysis,” attests Dillon. “It’s the principle of the five 9s. It’s got to be perfect 99.999 percent of the time.

“Our customers can absolutely rely on these numbers in producing and monitoring their wines.”

For more information and orders, go to: www.lodiwinelabs.com.


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