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Dry Creek Vineyard Engaging the Wine Trade Virtually

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By Stacy Briscoe

COVID-19 has affected more than winery relationships with consumers—it’s affected relationships with distributors, wholesalers, sommeliers, and retail market trade as well. There have been several listicles and webinars surrounding best practices in engaging wine drinkers in the digital sphere—but how do we keep trade professionals engaged in our product, our brand, our story?

In this interview (video above), Wine Industry Network asked Kim Stare Wallace, president of Dry Creek Vineyard, and Sara Rathbun, director of marketing and communications for the winery, about their successes and lessons learned when creating virtual tastings, dinners, and sales pitches to potential clientele.

This pre-recorded interview is intended to address several questions wineries and wine brands, of all sizes, are dealing with in the midst of the pandemic. If in watching the video you have questions of your own, or follow up questions for either Dry Creek Vineyard or Wine Industry Network, please submit them in the comments below so we can address them in subsequent webinars and articles.

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