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Leading Sustainable Packaging Supplier UPM Raflatac Presents New Sample Book for Premium Label Materials

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According to Lee Green, the Manager of UPM Raflatac’s Wine, Spirits and Craft Beverages segment, his company is defined by three important elements: consistent quality; rapid service; and innovative, sustainable labeling materials and solutions that support the environment while effectively communicating a brand.

“Sustainability is part of our DNA,” confirms Green. “It’s in everything we do.”

UPM Raflatac is a leading global supplier of pressure sensitive label materials for the wine, spirits and craft beverage segments.

In that vein, UPM Raflatac is set to release its latest swatch book, an innovative catalog of samples and ideas designed to inspire and reinforce effective brand imaging in a competitive consumer environment where uniqueness adds value.

Released once every three years, this visual book celebrates the breathtaking beauty of nature within patterns and forms that provide infinite sources of inspiration for creating a memorable brand experience on the label.

The stunning samples within the book emphasize an eco-design approach that promotes waste reduction, responsible sourcing, energy-efficient manufacturing, and innovative recycling options that enable the circular economy.

A wide range of products suitable for various labeling conditions and applications are beautifully displayed within the catalog. It is crafted to showcase materials that will appeal to discerning aesthetic tastes while also meeting rigorous technical demands.

“We want wineries and designers to know that UPM Raflatac is here for them,” notes Green. “This book is about art and business. As thought leaders and innovators, we created it to drive home that we have the products that perform and the ability to get our customers and their customers exactly what they need for an effective brand impact.”

As an example of this commitment to innovation and alliance, UPM Raflatac and Mohawk Fine Papers recently formed a groundbreaking, strategic partnership to create sustainable labeling solutions for the global community. The laminate constructions are made with Mohawk Renewal Straw and Mohawk Renewal Hemp in combination with post-consumer waste to further both companies’ sustainability goals and address a broad range of client project needs. 

For more information and to order the new UPM Raflatac premium label materials sample book, go to https://go.upmraflatac.com/2020winebook.


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