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Scott Labs Partners with Inoxpa to Ready Wine Industry for 2020 Harvest


Find the pump that’s right for you this harvest

Scott Laboratories, a leading innovator for the North American specialty beverage community for over 80 years, has partnered with Inoxpa, a global company specializing in stainless steel processing equipment, to supply innovative liquid transfer pumps to the wine industry in time for the 2020 wine grape harvest. 

Known for their high-quality reliability and revolutionary Clean in Place (CIP) technology, Scott Labs is highlighting three of these top-of-the-line pumps to meet cellar and winemaking demands during the upcoming harvest season. 

Inoxpa - save time and money

  • Inoxpa RVN Helicoidal Pump – this pump features a unique helicoidal impeller design that provides exceptionally gentle must transfers. Widely used in wineries for fully automated pumpovers, the device allows solid particles to pass through the pump without being damaged and without clogging. 

According to Damon Dudley, Scott Laboratories’ General Manager of Equipment, Parts & Service, the Inoxpa RVN Helicoidal Pump is known for less shearing during pump action, which results in better extraction of desirable phenols. 

“The RVN is specific for the pumpover of red wine must, which requires gentle, delicate pump action,” confirms Dudley. “One of its best features is that the RVN can be moved from tank to tank or installed on a tank and can be operated through a computer system, which completely automates the process. Automation means less time and money spent on manual labor, which in turn has enabled our customers to see a return on their RVN investment in just two years.  

Inoxpa - quote

Watch the RVN Helicoidal Pump video here.

  • Inoxpa KSF Progressive Cavity Pump – this positive displacement pump is very versatile and capable of handling various applications within the wine industry. Its robust, simple design promotes gentle handling of product, is self-priming and will efficiently pump both liquids and solid grape matter over long distances.  

“This is one of my favorite pumps because of its sheer versatility,” enthuses Dudley. “It can draw liquids and well as push them, working wonders in both directions. It’s designed to be moved and comes on a cart with wheels and a Speed Pot controller.” 

  • Inoxpa HCP Centrifugal Pumps – the Inoxpa PROLAC HCP are a range of compact, highly efficient centrifugal pumps designed for high volume, liquid only transfers and appropriate for applications requiring a high level of hygiene.  HCP pumps are made of a cold-formed stainless-steel casing, an impeller, a mechanical seal, a pump cover, and a lantern and shaft that are connected to the motor shaft by mechanical compression. The pumps offer gentle handling of the product and are resistant to chemical agents. 

“These pumps are perfect for our customers who need to move high volume amounts of wine rapidly, explains Dudley. “They’re capable of transferring between five and seven hundred gallons a minute. If you’re buying bulk or shipping wine out, you can be filling or emptying within 20 minutes, which is a huge time savings for a busy, competitive industry.”

Inoxpa - range

Scott Laboratories, the authorized representative for the complete Inoxpa Pump line, is available now to do demonstrations and trials on all equipment to meet customer needs.  

For more information and orders, visit scottlab.com/inoxpa or call (707) 765-6666. 


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