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Integration Solutions for All of Your Winery Production Process Needs


As wineries are built or expand, they purchase different equipment to help them meet their new output goals. One of the difficulties with this type of expansion is the missing fluidity between components of the process. TM Process & Controls, Inc. (TMPC) offers the breadth and expertise in their team to pull the pieces together. They can craft the mechanical design and perform the field installation, while also providing the integration services as well as whole network and industrial data center design. Managing all aspects in-house instead of separately contracted out by the customer, TM Process & Controls, Inc. is able to save their clients’ money through streamlining and one-stop project management.  

Working with wineries, distilleries, and other beverage manufacturer companies throughout the US and the Caribbean, TMPC provides process solutions to the beverage industry.  Currently assisting wineries in Napa and the Central Valley of California, they also offer a midwestern office, within easy reach of all Eastern wine-producing areas. Offering a full complement of engineering specialists, TM Process & Controls, Inc. is ready to help with your new design-build for a modern facility.  Expounds Niniv Tamimi, P.E., who is the Co-founder and Director of Controls Engineering, “We are focused on the process design, the controls and automation, and getting data in and out of the system.” Important in the contemporary winemaking world, TM Process & Controls, Inc. works toward creating a robust data network to take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) movement, while keeping a major focus on cyber security. 

Providing the process design related to the winemaking itself, TM Process & Controls, Inc. takes your individual components and designs them into one large automated system, including piping, valving, transmitters, etc.—putting them all in a streamlined, automation-driven system. Says Tamimi, “We can create a customized integration of the components that they [wineries] already have.” As a general contractor, TMPC can act as a point source to manage all aspects of the process and utility portions of the project.

TM Process & Controls, Inc. performs small maintenance projects such as meter calibrations to large custom projects, each individually tailored to the winery client, with components such as:

  • Process utilities for wineries, increasing cooling and heating capabilities on tanks, designing and optimizing steam and condensate systems, and providing filtration solutions.
  • Clean-in Place (CIP) systems utilizing steam, electricity, or natural gas to sanitize tanks, filters, or other equipment.
  • Batching systems, following the International Society for Automation’s recommendations for standards. “We offer lots of experience in this, the S88 standard,” notes Tamimi. When a client makes a change in the process, or “recipe”, this is the check to see if the outcome was really caused by that change. “Clients can change the recipe easily,” says Tamimi. “They can validate whichever one piece gets modified,” cutting down the time spent in validation.

TM Process & Controls, Inc. provides all standard design documents including process flow diagrams, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), layout drawings, equipment lists, construction plans, electrical drawings, network drawings, and bid-ready packages, all of which are generated in-house.  Each individualized project comes with dependable back-up and ongoing support to.

For more information regarding our mechanical process design or integration services, please check out our website at https://www.tmprocesscontrols.com/, or contact them at [email protected] for more information as it pertains to your winery’s needs.




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