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World-Renowned Yeast and Fermentation Solutions Producer Certifies Their Yeast Range as Easy to Use (E2U™), Requiring No Rehydration


It’s been said that winemakers hold fast to tradition when it comes to their tried-and-true oenological practices, especially when it comes to yeast, but that may be about to change.

Fermentis, a business unit of the Lesaffre Group, which has been a global leader in fermentation solution for the food, biotechnology and beverage industries for nearly 170 years, has certified its range of yeast so that they can be pitched directly into the must without prior rehydration.

Certified and labeled E2U™, short for “easy to use,” these remarkable active dry yeasts were developed to provide winemakers with maximum performance and flexibility. Important aspects of E2U™ is that regular rehydration is still an option but also in a wider range of water temperature (15-37C). Additionally, you are not limited in the style of yeast with a full range of products to choose from.

Extensive trials show that the yeasts may be pitched directly into the must or in colder water without compromising any of the desired organoleptic characteristics of the wine (flavors, aromas, color) or the composition (levels of alcohol, acidity, etc.).  They also show that both the standard and E2U™ protocols have the same performance characteristics when it comes to fermentation kinetics, a breakthrough for winemakers looking to effectively expedite the winemaking process without sacrificing on quality. 

It’s no miracle. This achievement is a result of the expertise and experience of a long-time producer of active dry yeast. At Lesaffre, when it comes to multiplication, each yeast strain has its own recipe to optimize the microorganism’s composition and the gentlest drying to maintain the best viability and vitality of the yeast.

In parallel, Fermentis is launching an E2U™ certification on its yeast derivatives: fermentation aids and functional products through the use of micro-granulated solutions and innovative liquid-based products. The aim is still the same: products that are easy and safe with lower pulverulence (less dust inhalation) for cellar workers and better dispersibility to save time. The first product of that range is ViniLiquid the first ever liquid nutrient for yeast designed by Fermentis’ R&D.

In short, E2U™ can benefit the winemaking community in critically important ways:

  • Fermentation is easier, less time consuming and worry free – Yeast rehydration is now a matter of preference, not efficacity. Yeast derivatives are quick to use. 
  • Decrease in water and energy consumption and less pollution – 75% of winemakers use ADY with their fermentations. If all decided not to rehydrate up to 600,000 hl of water and significant energy could be saved each year. Less detergents also means less discharge into sensitive watersheds.
  • Greater safety and convenience– When it comes to yeast and derivatives, the comfort of the workers is a priority.
  • Economic Boost – Avoiding rehydration and ease product dispersibility means less capital investment for wineries.

From what we hear, the winemakers that chose to go E2U™ never looked back!

For more information go to: https://fermentis.com/en/our-company/ or read our GoodNews magazines on the Fermentis WIN page.


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