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New App Gives GOfermentor Winemakers Access from Anywhere


The GOfermentor┬« is an advanced winemaking system that uses automated cap management and single-use technology that minimizes water usage. It has a built-in press that requires no cleaning making it a complete wine fermentation system.

The GOfermentor can operate automatically without the need for manual intervention. The new cloud-based GOfermentor SmartPhone App provides even more flexibility as the winemaker can now monitor and control any number of GOfermentors from anywhere in the world.

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With the development of this new App, the GOfermentor has been transformed into a true IOT (internet-of-things) device. It is designed to be permanently connected to the Internet via WiFi and use the SmartPhone App as the primary control interface. While connection to the Internet is recommended, the GOfermentor can operate without WiFi if this is not available. A LCD control panel is provided for non-WiFi and local operation.

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The many advantages of the new GOfermentor software App include:

  • The ability to view wine fermentation processes from anywhere, including temperature of the must and punch status. View all alarm and event logs.
  • The ability to control operations, including temperature settings, as well as punch schedules. Initiate punch remotely.
  • The ability to receive notifications via email or text from the GOfermentor.
  • Support for both Android and Apple iOS devices.

The App, and connectivity, is provided free of charge to GOfermentor customers. No personal data collection or advertising.

Existing GOfermentor users can easily upgrade their equipment to use the new App by connecting to the Internet and performing a Firmware Update.

The GOfermentor software application can now be downloaded for free from either Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Watch the GOfermentor App video here.

For more information and orders, go to www.GOfermentor.com or call 877-377-5359. 


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