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The Sustainable Benefits of G3’S GTREE™ Wine Label Stock


As the calendar brings warmer weather and Americans continue to self-quarantine, the vision of a “return to normal” is changing day-by-day. The shelter-in-place orders have spiked new trends for in-home wine tasting and virtual happy hours across the country. As the summer months approach, the continued practice of social distancing could have people limiting future get-togethers to backyards, decks and patios. When the country unites to remember this unique moment in time and celebrate the future, this is a unique chance for you to attract new fans to your wines, connecting them over a perfectly chilled bottle.


Is your wine ready for this opportunity?
Can its label survive the ice bucket challenge?

How a wine label performs when a bottle is placed in an ice bucket is of supreme importance. In most cases, when you place a bottle in ice, water begins seeping into the paper label causing deterioration within 30 seconds to five minutes. The result? Labels lose their aesthetic appeal and often turn grey or, worse, slip off the bottle. However, with G3’s GTREE™ label, a bottle can sit in an ice bucket for prolonged periods of time, proven up to 24-hours, without any degradation in function or appearance.

How? It’s the paper! GTREE™ is made from a proprietary label paper produced entirely from recycled office waste by Monadnock Paper Mill exclusively for G3 Label Group. And, since the paper is made from 100% Post-Consumer Waste (PCW), it has one of the greenest footprints available helping you meet your sustainability goals. In fact, both G3 Enterprises and Monadnock Paper Mill are industry leaders in sustainability providing products and services that deliver excellent value and performance while being good for the environment. If you want to know how your paper choice can positively impact the world, ask us about our GTREE™ Calculator to learn about the environmental benefits from using GTREE™ label stocks.

Take the 24-hour ice bucket challenge today!
See how your label holds up and let us know when you are ready to learn more about GTREE™ wine label stock.

For more information about G3 Enterprises, visit www.G3enterprises.com or call 1-800-321-8747.


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