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Innovative Winemaking System Offers Covid Distancing ‘Gentle, Clean, Closed’ Press Operation for Superior Wine Quality


Let’s face it. Conventional winemaking is a labor intensive, messy business. 

Between manual or mechanical punch downs and arduous barrel and tank cleaning regimes to remove spent pomace, winemaking requires intensive grunt work, and untold hours of staff time between the vineyard, cellar, the lab, and back again. 

Until now.  

The GOfermentor is an automated winemaking machine with a built-in press, which can be operated by one person, created by Vijay and Meera Singh from GOfermentor in Far Hills, NJ. It has revolutionized the way to bring award-winning wines to the marketplace with the click of a button. 

Starting April 8th join us for a Weekly Winery Chat on Youtube, every Wednesday at noon (EST). To find the livestream, search on Youtube for “GOfermentor”, click on the logo, then on the live video with the red live button, and make sure you are signed in to your Youtube or Google account so you can comment during the Q&A, and subscribe for future videos and live streams.

Meera and Vijay in Vineyard

The GOfermentor is a patented, automatic winemaking device that ferments grape must in a closed, medical-grade plastic liner inside a machine containing two chambers. The pressing action is performed in a single motion as one of the chambers fills with air, squeezing the must every two to three hours for up to ten days until fermentation is complete.

The actual press and punch with GOfermentor can be accomplished while unattended. The schedule is simply set on the machine’s built-in controller or a Smartphone device, allowing social distancing.  

GOfermentor pricing

There is no exposure to air during the process and no water required for clean up once the press, punch and fermentation are accomplished. The bag containing the pomace is removed, the pomace recycled as fertilizer, and the liner disposed of in a landfill, where it biodegrades. For the next fermentation, an entirely new bag is used and the procedure begins again. This whole process can be handled by one person.

“We are pressing with no air exposure,” explains Vijay Singh, GOfermentor developer and co-owner. “We can make white wine without sulfites. In conventional winemaking, sulfites must be used because oxidation happens instantly. In our clean, gentle, closed system we don’t have this issue.” 

Pressed Red Pomace

The GOfermentor’s automatic punch is the secret to its superior extraction of color and flavor for red wine as well. The consistent kneading of the must during press and fermentation, as well as the constant temperatures maintained during the process result in uniform tannins and robust fruit and aromatic profiles.  

The complete GOfermentor system comes with the GObase, which is a rigid, reusable outer container to hold the GOliner, a controller and three GOliner bags that yield 1 ton or 150 gallons of wine per bag. The GObase folds down for storage. The control panel with electrical components attaches to the GObase for automatic control of punch down, temperature, and press. The entire system, which is manufactured in the USA and is available in stock now, can be purchased for just $2,500. 

For more information and orders, go to www.GOfermentor.com or call 877-377-5359. 


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