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Drizly and Bevmo! Bring On-Demand Home Alcohol Delivery to 3 Million New California Adult Beverage Shoppers


Alcohol industry leaders expand partnership to deliver beer, wine and spirits in six new California markets

DrizlyBOSTON, MA (Mar. 30, 2020) – Drizly, the nation’s first and largest alcohol e-commerce marketplace, today announced an expanded partnership with BevMo!, the West Coast’s leading specialty beverage retailer, that more than doubles the number of the chain’s locations on Drizly. By adding 90 additional BevMo! stores throughout the state, adults of legal drinking age in Bakersfield, Fresno, Stockton, Modesto, Napa Valley, and Palm Springs can now access the platform for the first time, enabling them to easily shop BevMo!’s full inventory online and receive home delivery in under 60 minutes. The expansion also increases BevMo’s store count on Drizly throughout multiple cities, including increased coverage in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, where Drizly can now serve a broader geography of consumers.  

“We are glad to be growing our partnership with Drizly at a time when online shopping and home delivery have become invaluable to our shoppers throughout California,” said Matt Champion, CMO of BevMo!. “While we planned to expand our partnership with Drizly, recent developments accelerated the need for convenient home delivery options Statewide. Since first working with Drizly early last year, we’ve seen tangible benefits across the board, like convenient deliveries for our shoppers and new customers for our business.”

Drizly and BevMo! together now serve a total of 5.6 million California residents through a network of 145 BevMo! stores in the state. Along with its superior variety of adult beverages, BevMo!’s full range of soft drinks, juices, mixers and other extras are available on Drizly.

“We know given the current climate, even more consumers are turning to delivery services today as a safer alternative,” said Blaine Grinna, Director of Retailer Development at Drizly. “We’re proud to have partnered with BevMo! to accelerate bringing these new stores online to serve even more residents throughout the state of California during this time. We look forward to continuing this great partnership for years to come.      

With an existing retailer network of over 2,200 locations across North America, Drizly works with partners like BevMo! to bring adults of legal drinking age the widest selection of beer, wine and spirits, with full price transparency and same day, on-demand delivery through Drizly.com and the Drizly app (App Store and Google Play). Drizly equips retailers with technology and insights that allow them to reliably and responsibly offer delivery, including proprietary ID verification technology and data on local sales trends in real-time. A detailed look at recent changes in delivery processes to maximize customer and retailer employee safety can be found here. Retailers interested in reaching more customers via e-commerce and delivery can visit JoinDrizly.com to learn more.

About Drizly

Drizly is the nation’s largest ecommerce alcohol marketplace and the best way to shop beer, wine and spirits. With the speed and convenience of on-demand delivery and shipping, customers can easily browse and order their favorites through the Drizly website or mobile app. By partnering with the best retail stores in over 180 markets in North America, Drizly provides consumers a rich e-commerce experience that offers unrivaled selection, competitive pricing, and personalized content to users of legal drinking age. Drizly operates across the United States and Canada, from Austin to Boston, Calgary to Tampa, New York City to Denver (and beyond). Backed by world-class institutional investors, the company has raised over $67 million to date.

About BevMo!

BevMo! is the leading alcoholic beverage specialty retailer in the western United States, with nearly 161 stores located throughout California, Arizona and Washington. BevMo! provides a uniquely friendly and welcoming environment for competitively priced alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The retailer also has a wide assortment of complementary products such as specialty foods and snacks, cigars, glassware and related bar and wine accessories. Its friendly and product-knowledgeable team members assist both enthusiasts and first-time buyers of wine, spirits and beer. BevMo!’s philosophy is simple: we help find the “perfect drink for every glass.”  For more information, visit http://www.bevmo.com

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  1. On demand alcohol delivery is changing the scenario suppose you are stting with your friends and suddenly someone said their is no more alcohol left then you have to go to the market to purchase alcohol but because of app like Drizly your are safe that’s how it is changing the impact.


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