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Innovative Dissolved Oxygen Probe Maximizes Accuracy, Efficiency for Winemaking Operations


For more than fifteen years Flotek, a leading, worldwide manufacturer’s agency focused on the biotech and food & beverage industries, has been assisting end users with proper equipment selection, configuration, design and implementation through an unparalleled understanding of scientific process requirements.

Backed by its comprehensive experience with wine industry applications, Flotek is introducing the DOTek, a handheld, optical dissolved oxygen (DO) probe for a fast, easy and robust way to sample dissolved oxygen in tank, barrel, bottle and even headspace.

DOTek in bottle

The DOTek optical probe measures dissolved oxygen through the use of a blue light-emitting diode against a “luminophore”  that fluoresces red.  The level of oxygen can be quantified by the difference in blue to red light, since the presence of oxygen quenches the red light signal. The DOTeks are remarkably accurate and consistent especially at low temperatures.

The DOTek differs from other, more traditional polargraphic/electrochemical DO probes in that it is extremely user friendly and requires virtually no maintenance. Calibration takes just seconds instead of minutes or even hours. Calibrations are stored on the probe, eliminating the need to recalibrate each time the instrument is used.

The DOTek features a backlight for low light conditions and a data logging function, allowing hands free measurements that can be easily exported to a spreadsheet. The DOTek runs off double AA batteries that are easily replaced.

“Our business is to help people in the wine industry figure out what they need,” attests Dr. Gordon Walker, Flotek’s technical Sales Representative who holds a PhD in Wine Biochemistry from UC Davis. “This product doesn’t need much explanation. It’s the kind of thing you put in people’s hands and they’ve got it working in five minutes. Ease of use and accuracy are two of the DOTek’s key selling points.”

Other key features of Flotek’s DOTek probe include:

  • Quick response rate – it takes less than two minutes to get a stable reading.
  • Easy calibration – a zero ppm calibration kit is included to ensure wine DO accuracy.
  • Requires minimal maintenance – the DO probe has 8000 hours of service life.
  • IP67 water-proof and dust-proof structure, which is ideal for use in harsh environments
  • Comes with a complete test kit, including the meter, a 3m or 10m optical probe, a calibration cap, 0 ppm calibration kit, and a rugged carrying case.

“Flotek has 15 plus years of process analytics in the biotech industries behind us,” affirms Walker. “We want to bring that expertise to the wine industry to give them the best tools possible.”

For more information and to schedule a demo, go to: https://flotekca.com/sensors/optical-dissolved-oxygen-meter-dotek



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