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Humanely Excluding Migratory Swallows and Other Birds at Wineries


Every April, wineries experience the return of migratory birds looking to nest and hatch their eggs. Migratory birds are protected federally by the Migratory Species Act, so interference with them once they are in their nest can result in a very severe fine and possibly other actions.

Swallows return year after year to the same location, building mud nests high in the rafters, creating a serious mess and biohazard for wineries. Difficult to remove after the birds are gone, the nests and feces cause damage as well as sanitation issues for wineries across California and other states.

Hot Foot America’s Swallow Exclusion Netting is the answer. Coming with a ten-year guarantee, their netting and other exclusionary products have been helping clients since 1977.

Exclusion Netting comes in three grades of mesh, with the ¾” being the best for swallows. They can land on it and try diligently to get inside by looking for small gaps but soon learn they cannot get inside of the exclusion area, effectively deterring them. Hot Foot’s guarantee is for a minimum of ten years, whether the product is in direct sunlight or not. Guaranteed to not stretch or sag, it is also fire resistant, and not burnable. Made from the lightest and strongest known man-made fiber for bird netting in the world, polypropylene, this migratory bird Exclusion Netting has now been in place at some locations for over 18 years without issue.

Our product is very unobtrusive and comes in two colors to choose from. Exclusion Netting is used throughout the world to rebuff various birds including pigeons, starlings, owls, and swallows, among others. At this time, wineries in Sonoma (McCrostie, Mauritson, Diagio Wines complex), Napa (Larkmead Winery, Cakebread, James Cole Winery, Colgin Cellars), as well as wineries in NY and NJ are using this method of prevention, as well as high-profile locations like The White House, the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel, The Grace Cathedral, and the Vatican!

Want to save money? Have your crew set up the Exclusion Netting! Don’t want that hassle? Take advantage of a team of experienced installers who can provide full-service nest removal, cleaning, sanitization, and netting installation. Setting Hot Foot apart from their competitors is the quality of their products and their comprehensive service. They provide Exclusion Netting to do-it-yourselfers as well as to experienced contractors!

When contacted by wineries within California, Hot Foot is happy to send a service technician to look at your issue and take measurements, after which we will send you a bid. For out-of-state wineries, they provide you with complimentary phone consultations to help you decide which bird deterrent choice is best for you, help you calculate the materials, then send you a bid, as well as give you installation instructions and tips.

For more information about their netting products or to schedule an assessment, contact Hot Foot at 800-533-8421, or request details via their contact page HERE.





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