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New Winery Equipment Models Offer Efficiency and Versatility Upgrades


ColloPack represents over 16 leading brands providing turn-key solutions for grape processing equipment, wine bottling or canning equipment, vision inspection systems, stainless steel tanks, and tank sanitation. At the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium, they displayed some of the newest models from these industry-leading manufacturers with feature upgrades that enhance efficiency and versatility for wineries.

BlueMorph UV Sanitation

The newly upgraded BlueMorph UVT60G is a handheld ultraviolet light designed for easy and efficient sanitation of kegs and barrels. The germicidal ultraviolet light is inserted into a barrel bunghole and kills microorganisms, replacing the need for chemical, steam, and ozone sanitization methods. It uses a minimal amount of energy from a conventional 110V power source, and the new model is more ergonomic, making it easy to handle and move from barrel to barrel between the short sanitation cycles. The increased power of the new model brings the sanitation cycle for a 55 gallon barrel down to only 3 minutes. This is the only barrel sanitation method available which does not degrade the quality of the wood.


Diemme Roller Selection Table

The Diemme roller type selection tables are used in grape receiving and selection lines for sorting destemmed grapes or mechanically harvested grapes. The newly added and deceptively simple feature is a hand-operated lever that adjusts spacing of the rollers in real time, allowing continuous sorting while refining for the variety being processed. With no assembly or disassembly required, it saves time and increases efficiency of the selection, as adjustment can quickly be optimized. The standard roller selection table includes a variable electric drive to adjust the rotation speed of the rollers.

Diemme sorting table

Francesca LoBó Pump

The patented LoBó pump from Francesca comes in three models, with the biggest featuring a flow rate from/to:19000 – 70000 l/h, but all of them are designed to handle conditions requiring high pressures of up to 5 bar, making them ideal for pumpovers, lees, must and wine transfers, passage through a heat exchanger, as well as thermovinification. The direct flow design allows for moving dense solids, and, with the exception of the helical rubber rotors, all the parts in contact with the liquid or must are entirely made of stainless steel AISI 316.

Francesca control panel

The touchscreen control panel is loaded with preset programs for easy use, but also allows the user to adjust parameters like time, speed, or reach, and it determines a recommendation for speed based, on pressure and distance. The LoBó is perfectly suited for  wineries with complex pumping needs that require a high quality reliable and versatile pump.

ColloPack Solution is based in Napa, California with local representatives located in wine regions of California and the Pacific Northwest. ColloPack is committed to providing excellence and after-sales services & support from design integration to installation.

To schedule a technical services visit with local certified technicians prior to upcoming bottling and harvesting go to collopack.com or email [email protected] for more information.


Francesca LoBo pump

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