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Della Toffola Delivers Complete Line of Technologically-Advanced Bottling and Packaging Solutions for the Wine Industry


Innovative Bottling & Packaging equipment with a full team of experienced technicians for a complete Bottling line Solution!

DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP designs and manufactures a complete line of technologically-advanced Bottling and Packaging Solutions for the wine industry. Their many patents and exclusive machines are offered under a variety of successful brands: AVE TechnologiesZitaliaOMB and Priamo; conveying the Group’s dedication to quality, durability and innovation. With an office in Santa Rosa, CA to deliver strong technical support on the ground, they can address the needs of any customer with individual machines or a complete bottling line.

Packaging machines and systems available include:

  • Filling: Gravity, Vacuum, Isobaric, Hot, Volumetric, and Electronic bottle
  • Cappers: Screw, Press-on, Cork, and Crown closures
  • Labeler: Cold glue, Pressure-sensitive, Modular and combined labelers, Pre-glued, Roll-fed, returnable bottle systems.
  • Complete packaging solutions: De-palletizers, Pick & Place Case Packers, Case sealers, Accumulation tables, Palletizers, and Conveyors.

DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP’s breadth of experience along with industrial and technological capabilities allow them to supply packaging machinery and bottling equipment for every link in the chain of winemaking production, up to the final bottling and labeling. From straightforward machines to the most highly complex automated systems, all of the DELLA TOFFOLA brands ensure easy control and complete safety.

Zitalia, in response to strong demand for bottling flexibility, has designed a full range of modular and combined labeling machines that merge various application technologies in just one rotary machine. The modular labelers let you combine various labeling units on just one carousel. The units are mounted on removable carousels that can be attached and removed from the machine’s structure, depending on production needs and each labeling unit is operated independently. Combined labelers bring together various application technologies in a single machine, but the labeling units are fixed and fully integrated into the machine’s structure. The maximum production speed is 60,000 bph.

AVE Technologies offer ISOBARIC FILLING MACHINES which are suitable for bottling carbonated drinks, including Sparkling Wines, at low or ambient temperatures. The bottling process takes place by bringing the container into contact with the dispenser, creating a positive pressure in the bottle to balance the pressure of the vessel, and accurately governing its depressurization to prevent any formation of foam or overflow of the involved liquid.

The Della Toffola family began designing and manufacturing winemaking equipment in Italy in the 1960s. With success came growth, and today DELLA TOFFOLA GROUP is made up of eight manufacturing plants, eight branch offices, and over 550 employees across six continents. The Group, which is still family-owned and operated, includes an umbrella of seven brands: DELLA TOFFOLAAVE TechnologiesZitaliaOMBPriamoGIMAR and Sirio Aliberti. They provide everything you need to get the wine from grape to bottle including Presses, Pumps, Filters, De-stemmers, Crushers, Conveyors, Bio-Thermo Coolers, and of course, packaging and bottling solutions.

In 2009, the DELLA TOFFOLA USA offices opened in Santa Rosa, CA. providing technical and sales support to their U.S. customers. The DELLA TOFFOLA US team will be available at UNIFIED at Booth P2014, to discuss your needs and provide information on their complete line of Bottling and Packaging Solutions.

For more information on these state-of-the-art winemaking technologies, visit dellatoffola.us or call 707-544-5300.



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