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Cutting-Edge Screen Printing and Etching Company Increases Production Capabilities with Innovative Equipment Addition


Since 1989, Mike Bergin and his talented team of artists and technicians have been impressing the wine industry with strikingly beautiful bottle design imagery throughout the Napa Valley and beyond.

Well known and respected for its cutting-edge professionalism and commitment to quality, Bergin Screen Printing and Etching has the ability to handle a wide range of production orders with volumes of up to 130 thousand bottles per day running all three production lines.

BERGIN specializes in screen printing, or applied color labeling (ACL), a process by which ceramic paint is applied directly to the surface of a bottle and fired through a Lehr furnace at high temperatures. In addition, their etching which is a “cold” process that involves hand engraving and hand painted bottle design, results in a unique work of art.

Bergin bottle collage

In 2018 BERGIN installed a new 12-foot wide Lehr to its existing production line fleet, increasing the company’s capacity for large order fulfillment and additional color applications.

Recently, BERGIN acquired a new F-12 print machine from Fermac, one of the world’s top print manufacturers located in Parma, Italy. This full CNC machine prints traditional round as well as irregular shaped bottles.

“We always try to stay on the cutting edge of technology,” Mike Bergin, company founder and CEO asserts. “This latest addition gives us the flexibility to address the needs of our customers in the spirits industry who may be developing a new tequila, whiskey, or gin in square or oblong bottles. Our F-12 machinery can now handle those unique requirements for high volume runs.”


“If a winery has different varietals sharing the same bottle but needing different designs, we can set them up on the same machine,” adds Corey Barlow, Bergin’s Director of Screen Print Operations. “We have nine stations that we can utilize to accomplish multiple setups. This adds savings to setup times.”

In addition to its phenomenal mechanical and electronic screen-printing techniques, Bergin has distinguished itself as the go-to company for hand etched designs in all bottle format sizes, including 750 ml, magnums, 3-liter through 27-liter bottles.  

“We’ve been in the industry for 31 years,” attests Savannah Bergin, the company’s Director of Sales and Marketing.  “We pay careful attention to the latest innovations affecting our industry and our medium; that way we can continue to grow and push ourselves to create beautiful bottle packaging outside of paper labels.”

“We believe in customer service from start to finish, we take every single bottle to heart. When you come to BERGIN, you’re joining the Bergin family.”

For more information and orders, go to berginglass.com.


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