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Are You Ready for the Weekend?


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Happy Thanksgiving!

After a wonderful day with family and friends, it is back to work on Friday and through the weekend for some of the busiest days of your year. You should be smiling non-stop for three days, except for breaks. You don’t have to smile during your breaks, but you probably will, because it will be a habit by then.

The holidays, while enjoyable, are also a stressful time for many (especially with the weather we are expecting this year), not to mention the travel for many. It is up to those who are on the front lines in the wineries (as well as those that aren’t) to make guests visits as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

No matter how busy it gets, try to stay calm and relaxed. If you get stressed so will your guests.

  • Maintain a warm smile and a cheerful outlook.
  • Be patient with your guests and treat every guest as an individual.
  • Find the time for a short chat with each of your guests before you start talking about the wine.
  • Take a minute to find out what your guests are interested in.
  • Keep an eye out for guests who may not be comfortable in this situation and help them to relax.
  • Know what your goals are for the three-day weekend before you start the day on Friday.
  • Promote the specials you may be offering. You may want to give your guests an order form to complete before they get to the check out. It will save a lot of time and possible mistakes at check out.
  • Have back up staff to take care of restocking wines, washing glasses and packing wine. If you are expecting lots of people you may want to set up an extra check out point

More than anything, enjoy yourselves. If your guests see you smiling, then so will they.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Selling.

Elizabeth SlaterE Column
by Elizabeth “E” Slater, In Short Direct Marketing

A recognized expert in the fields of direct marketing and sales in the wine marketplace. Slater has taught more wineries and winery associations how to create and improve the effectiveness of their direct marketing programs and to make the most of each customer’s potential than anyone in the wine industry today.

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