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The Most Innovative Way to Package Draft Wine to Go


A new and sustainable aluminum can with a resealable lid which serves as a to-go beverage package for the wine market. Available in 750ml, 375ml and 250ml sizes with unique small volume decoration options.

Can + Growler = CROWLER

A Crowler is a 750ml can that can be filled with draft wine and seamed right at the source. Not only is this can the most innovative way to package draft wine to go but it’s also the most sustainable & cost effective solution for selling or purchasing draft wine to-go.

The Twistee Can was created to give you, the professional or home wine maker easier access to canning your carefully crafted beverages. These cans come pre-seamed, with an oxygen scavenging cap.

With over 20 years of craft beer canning knowledge we thoughtfully created this package to be a vessel to protect your beverage and keep it more fresh than ever before.

Crowler Nation
WIN Expo Booth: 818 & 820

Twistee Can and Crowler Nation are pioneers in craft beverage canning, with over 20 years experience in the craft beer industry. We are excited to introduce a to-go package in to the wine market.

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