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Expertly Curated & Custom Products for Marketing Your Wine


“Exclusive Wine Club and Tasting Room Gifts with Your Logo”

Vanessa Topper, the founder of TopNest Designs, was naturally destined to curate the perfect lineup of custom gifts for discerning clients in the wine industry. Her father sold California wine in the late 60’s, her mother was an art consultant and interior designer and her brother is a private chef.

TopNest ad

“People often ask me how I came up with the business idea. I say that I had no choice – I literally grew up in it!” laughs Topper. Lucky for her winery customers nationwide, this background served as the inspiration to create a multi-line manufacturer’s rep company, working with local artisans and importers to develop products specific to the wine industry.

Since 2003, Topper has dedicated her efforts to creating an exclusive offering of wine-related wares for TopNest clients who want to delight their customers while reflecting and promoting their brand. “We take pride in our unique product mix and personal attention,” Topper says, “both of which are essential to fully understanding each winery’s image, retail space and customer base. Only then can we offer them the ideal wine tool or home décor piece that will be kept long after the bottle of wine is drunk and recycled.”

Wood coasters

When asked what has changed in buying trends over the years, Topper responds “I noticed an interest in natural materials, so I brought on lines of Wood Wine AccessoriesItalian Corkscrews with exotic woods and buffalo horn, and Cork Totes and Jewelry that are Made in the USA and Europe.”

At the same time, whether the wine drinker is a millennial or baby boomer, there is an appreciation for innovative, hi-tech wine tools that enhance their tasting experience. That’s when Topper taps into to her award-winning design and manufacturing partners to develop products uniquely suited to wine club, tasting room and VIP customers.

Recognizing the increased competitiveness within the wine industry as well as the challenge of selling alongside craft beers, cocktails and cannabis, wineries have ratcheted up their Club programs. Not only are they offering more unique experiences, but the gift-giving has gone from “What can you get me for under $5.00?” to “I want to surprise and delight my top tier with something unique.” Whether the TopNest customer wants a Wine Club Gift for first-year sign-ups or an exclusive VIP Legacy offering, they will deliver a laser engraved, screen printed, embroidered or hot stamped product ready to ship.

The latest product line that TopNest Designs has added to the mix is Watches made from French Oak Wine Barrels. “When the Austrian company approached me about launching their brand in the United States, my request was to make the product exclusive to the winery client. With a grapeleaf logo and the ability to customize the watch face and gift box, we are now able to offer this unique VIP Gift for 4th quarter.”

Oak watch and box

Visit TopNest Designs at the launch of trade show season at WIN Expo, booth 129-131 (be our guest and register for a free trade show floor pass with promo code: TOP129) as well as Unified, TWGGA, WAWGG and WiVi in 2020.


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