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Cloud-Based Software Company Reaches Out to Boutique Winemakers with New Production Management App


Since 2007, Vintrace has been supporting hundreds of estate wineries and custom crush facilities with a state-of-the-art software management system that allows them to accurately track data and manage a multitude of other business issues central to successful winemaking on a medium to large scale.

In a revolutionary new move, the company has announced Vintrace Boutique, a real-time data tracking app built for the small producer and boutique winemaker producing 10,000 or less cases per year.

“A lot of these boutique winemakers are essentially a one-man show, burdened with the same requirements in terms of compliance and harvest as the larger operations,” acknowledges Joshua Abra, Vintrace CEO and Co-Founder. “Vintrace Boutique is designed to capture everything in real time so smaller producers can realize the true benefits of what we do.”

Vintrace’s innovative technology facilitates business management functions for small and large winery production operations on multiple levels at the same time.

For instance, the cloud-based, Vintrace application employs a sophisticated barrel-tracking feature that allows users to seamlessly and quickly print out QR codes to accurately label and follow barrel movement, which can then be scanned and recorded with a smartphone.

Vintrace software also coordinates and simplifies the management of harvest by facilitating intelligent picking decisions and alleviating any capacity or timing issues at crush.

Other key benefits of Vintrace plans include the ability to:

  • Track small and large lots of wine on the go
  • Keep records in real time and avoid tedious spreadsheets
  • Stay compliant with government regulations to avoid costly mistakes
  • Easily manage multiple clients, bonds and APs
  • Cut administrative costs with automatic client billing
  • Gain high level visibility over multiple sites and staff
  • Quickly track bulk wine and brand allocations
  • Level flexible reporting for decision makers
  • Simplify communication at all levels of winemaking and selling operations

Purchase of Vintrace includes ongoing HELP Desk support as well monthly webinars; an integrated part of the company’s stellar customer service commitment.

“Everyone at our company has worked in the wine industry,” Abra attests. “They’ve worked in compliance, in production, in the cellar and in the front of the house … our employees truly understand the wine business.”

Abra points out that any small lot winemakers interested Vintrace Boutique are now eligible for a 14-day free trial, which can be accessed on the company’s website.

For more information go to www.winery-software.com/tus/
Get a 14 day free trial here www.vintrace.com/freetrial
See all plans and pricing here www.vintrace.com/pricing-and-plans




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