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Central Membrane Press Provides Quality Wine Production


Franck Lambert, longtime winemaker at Stama Winery in Lodi, has been using Della Toffola grape receiving equipment and their pneumatic press with central membrane technology for several years.

He likes their central membrane design, it’s as simple as that. Lambert notes. “With the membrane in the middle, it needs less pressure to press the whole thing when compared with those that have it {membrane} on the side.”

Lambert explains that using less pressure (a maximum of 1.6 bar) means it’s softer on all the grapes/berries and there is less extraction of skins, or pulp, which he believes delivers a better juice.

“Not only does it deliver less pressure with a more even distribution of the grapes around the full interior of the press but it also reaches pressure faster.” Lambert notes. “The average pressing cycle is only 1:20-1:30 hours. That’s a major plus in Della Toffola’s favor. If you are a winery that processes many hours a day, you want to turn over the presses much faster.”

“I chose this press for various reasons.” says Lambert. “I’ve seen Della Toffola in Italy in many wineries, and it’s worth saying that their equipment is seen in a lot of high production facilities. They’ve been through the sorting-out process.”

Lambert likes that they have a proven track record, and have all the kinks worked out. “They’ve been through years of trials, and thousands of tons of processing, so they benefit from that experience and it shows in their equipment.”

Mariangela Guarienti, CEO of Della Toffola, is happy to be showcasing their equipment, including this unique press. “Certainly, the design is a major benefit for our clients,” she says “The central membrane covers 360° of the pressing area for faster pressing and less pressure with less trauma and stress to the grape. The quality of the juice improves considerably.” She adds, “In fact, the crushed grapes are exhausted under this lower working pressure, and with fewer pressing and crumbling cycles, it gives rise to a clear, top-quality juice with low levels of polyphenols.”

Stama Winery, in addition to their two pneumatic presses, also own a selection of Della Toffola grape receiving equipment including a hopper, incline auger, and destemmer. Della Toffola offers modular options with a great variety of components to choose from depending on your needs. For him, Lambert says he can unload one truck of 25 tons in about 45 minutes and his Della Toffola destemmer can do up to 50 tons per hour. “All of their equipment is durable and really reliable, which is very important when you are processing grapes”.

For Lambert, like most winemakers, aftercare service is also very important when making purchasing decisions. If repairs or service are needed, he notes, “We are remote from their installation in Santa Rosa, but they are responsive, and during crush, if we have an issue, they send guys out that are very knowledgeable. All their staff is good, come on time, and respond well. It’s a good service.”

Backed by years of testing in Italy, with both high-volume and boutique-level grape producers, Della Toffola boasts the results and history that all quality-conscious wineries are looking for.

As an authentic technological partner, DELLA TOFFOLA delivers a wide range of equipment for obtaining the best possible product, every step of the way. For more information, visit us online at dellatoffola.us or call 707-544-5300. 




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