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Selling to Different Generations: Silent Generation and Baby Boomers


One of the most important aspects of creating converts (those customers who spread the word of your winery far and wide) is creating a connection with them during their first visit. When you do they will return and end up as converts to your winery and your brand.

Just as people are different so are the generations. Today’s blog delves into what the different generations want and gives some general ideas of how to connect with them.

Starting with the oldest generation, known as the Silent Generation. While the youngest of this generation is in their mid 70’s they still consider themselves interesting and interested in what you have to say (if you show interest in them).

  • They look to you for information presented simply and directly
  • Use language that is more professional than casual
  • Take some time to get to know them so they can connect with you
  • They may seem old to you, but that is not how they feel about themselves

Next up are the Baby Boomers

This is the generation born after WWII. The oldest of them are 73 and the youngest in their late 50s. While they may not be buying as much as they used to, they are still a very viable market.

As with every generation Baby Boomers are different from one another. However, there are things you can do or say that will resonate and create a relationship

  • Most Boomers use digital devices frequently. They are interested in modern  products, services and means of communication. Tell them about your latest innovation in winemaking or your wine club 
  • Consider email as a primary form of communication as 95% of Boomers use email regularly. They find it an easy way to communicate and receive communication.
  • Boomers not only want to know about the products, they also want to know who  you are (personally and/or the winery) and what you stand for. A personal relationship is all part of the journey to the sale for Boomers.

Next week we follow up with Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z

A tip of the glass from me to you

Elizabeth SlaterE Column
by Elizabeth “E” Slater, In Short Direct Marketing

A recognized expert in the fields of direct marketing and sales in the wine marketplace. Slater has taught more wineries and winery associations how to create and improve the effectiveness of their direct marketing programs and to make the most of each customer’s potential than anyone in the wine industry today.

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